ISPA UK starts applications for 2019 Awards

Friday, December 21st 2018

The Internet Service Providers Association has annouced that they are looking for best ISPs for the year 2019 that include various familiar categories, some of them are new categories and Internet Villain Award has returned again.

The award event for 2018 was held in July 2018 to annouce the winners where Hyperoptic got “Best Superfast Broadband” award and Gigaclear as "Best Rural Broadband” provider.

There are two new categoies included now and they are “Best Customer Solution” that recognises award for the best ISP which provides technological innovation in solving complex customer issues and “Best Infrastructure Provider” category that recognises those companies revolutionising the communications infrastructure.

This year, “Internet Villain” award has again come back to highlight the public figure who has attacked the values of internet and reputation of the industry.

The 2019 Award Categories include Best Rural ISP, Best Business ISP, Best Superfast ISP, Best Customer Service, Best Cyber Security, Best Hosted Service, Best VoIP, Best Infrastructure Provider, Best Partnership, Best Customer Solution, Best ISP PR Campaign, Executive of the Year, Internet Hero, Internet Villain.

The entry to the ISPA Awards is free. It is open to all internet service providers and they should register by January 31, 2019. The ISP companies should submit their written entry forms by March 29, 2019. There will be technical testing for broadband and hosting applicants between February 12 to March 29, 2019. At last, there will be a gala ceremony and dinner in the month of July 2019 before announcing the winners.

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