Harrogate MP invites businesses to Broadband Conference

Thursday, August 23rd 2012

The local businesses are invited by Mr Andrew Jones, Harrogate and Knaresborouth MP to attend the second Broadband North Yorkshire conference which is scheduled on 29th September.

The event at Studley Royal Visitor Centre and Fountains Abbey would provide an opportunity for North Yorkshire County Council to discuss their plans about the roll out of super fast broadband with the communications provider, BT. This conference will also help to educate businesses on the better use of internet. The National Trust and Skipton Building Society supported this conference and this conference will conduct briefing sessions during the day at different times.

Mr Andrew Jones along with other Yorkshire MPs is hosting this event. The Harrogate MP believes that the businesses could learn many things about modern high-speed internet form the conference and ultimately they would be benefited. Mr Andrew said that the conference assumes importance as it has plans to rollout super fast broadband worth £50 million and its plan is to bring super fast broadband services to at least 90 per cent of the premises with speeds not less than 25Mbps. It is also the aim of the event to encourage businesses to utilize the new technology to its maximum extent. All MPs of North Yorkshire were trying their best for broadband investment in this area for they know that high speed broadband is the key to economic development.

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