Government in Wales blamed for an annual wastage of 1.5 billion pounds

Saturday, March 17th 2012

It has been stated that non-metropolitan communities are experiences a lot of financial losses on account of poor broadband connectivity and the government there have been condemned for having wasted 1.5 billion pounds because the rural areas do not have decent broadband connections in the UK.

As per the evaluations of Wispa Ltd., both people living in a the rural regions in Wales and the business firms there were unable to access broadband and have to do several tasks that could have been done faster and more inexpensively if they had better broadband connectivity.

The firm pointed out problems like the enhanced cost of insurance as people had to go physically to an insurance dealer instead of getting the work done online. Telephone charges and trips to the bank were all costing extra, because they were unable to utilize the online banking facilities.

In general, the survey asserted that the average living cost to homes in the country due to lack of broadband access was 3,769.20 pounds annually.

Chief Operating officer of Wispa Ltd. Stated that the Welsh government was costing the public millions of pounds every year because of their inability to decisively and effectively bring in a good broadband policy.

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