Free Public wifi in Wetherby

Saturday, April 6th 2019

Wetherby is a market town & civil parish in the city of Leeds in West Yorkshire. The town has been equipped with 1 Gbps capable public Wifi network which can now be accessible by the visitors, local residents and businesses of the town. The ISP Intechnology WiFi is running the network on behalf of the town council.


The network “wetherbyfreewifi” has been installed around the town centre. The Leeds council has supported the project to give access to the local street furniture. Though it is gigabit capable network, the Wifi may be slower than said speed due to usual problems of signal quality, user device and shared capacity etc.


IntechnologyWiFi will offer its lifestyle app providing local content on various things to do and see in Wetherby.


A Spokesperson for Wetherby Town Council said that they feel delighted that IntechnologyWiFi is making investment in Wetherby to get more access to the digital economy. They are appreciating that they have an attractive, historic town but equally giving recognition to the technology that is always changing which will create new opportunities for business and tourism. Free public WiFi will bring more people into their town centre and great advantage for them and local businesses.


CEO of IntechnologyWiFi - Natalie Duffield said that Wetherby, which is a historic beautiful town, has limited internet access which in turn limit opportunities. They have installed the best available technologies across the town centre for the benefit of local businesses, residents and visitors.

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