Free public WiFi in Dorchester Town Centre in Doreset

Tuesday, July 10th 2018

Now Dorchester Town Centre is equipped with fast and free public Wifi and visitors & shoppers can now access the internet with free wifi facility across the centre.

Now a days everything can be done online say social media access, booking events online, getting directions, online purchase & payments etc which requires fast and reliable internet connectivity. A research shows that one-in-four are likely to stay for long time in the town centre who feel better if it provides free Wifi and some parts of central Dorchester suffer from patchy 4G coverage. Hence the free Wifi network across the town centre was installed by Doreset based 'Fusion Wifi Ltd' with the investment by Dorchester Business Improvement District, West Dorset District Council, Dorset County Council, Dorchester Town Council and Brewery Square.

The network installed would cover main shopping streets of Dorchester, the popular Borough Gardens and Brewery Square. The service is enabled by keeping network access points on the CCTV columns & the building walls and they are connected by hooking onto a public fibre optic network which was given partly by the local Superfast Dorset project.

Phil Gordon - Dorchester BID Project Director said that this is a good example for BID's work how they are having partnership with local councils and businesses to bring valuable thing for the town. In their pre launch testing, the services had been utilised by more than 6,000 logins and 2000+ different users. The visitors can now make use of the free service for accessing Google maps, online shopping, social media chat etc and they will get alert to the events happening around.

Dorset County Council Cabinet Member for the Natural and Built Environment - Daryl Turner said that due to increasing necessity of digital network among the people become a must as they use social media and internet as a necessity of daily life. For the major locations making available internet facility free to allow people to connect online become an important thing of better customer experience in the town centre.

David Taylor - Dorchester Mayor said that they wanted the team to extend free wifi coverage to the Borough Gardens where many people are accessing the park for specific programme or daily routine.

Mary Penfold - West Dorset District Council Portfolio Holder for Enabling said that they feel delighted to support this project as this will not only benefit visitors but also the businesses in the area and motivate people to stay long time in the town centre.

Brewery Square Centre Manager - Charlotte Spracklen said that now their area is enjoying free Wifi and praising about the project as a fantastic one with free WiFi to the users when they are out.

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