EE's New 4G Flex Plans

Monday, July 30th 2018

EE - the british mobile network operator and a division of BT, has launched a new range of Flex Plans which is a mix of PayG Mobile and PayG Monthly plans and targeted on pay-as-you-go customers. Like a Pay monthly service, the customers are asked to make the payments regularly. In this new plans like PAYG, there is no contract so that the customers can opt for anytime, change it or stop the plans whenever they want.

As the exisitng Pay-As-You-Go options are littlebit confusing with their various add on packs, the new flex plans are being designed to provide same benefits but without much confusion. By bringing such flex plans, the operator brings the PAYG plans closer to the Pay monthly plans, but the Pay Monthly customers can adopt some Flex.

The network operator said that their new range of 4G flex plans will give their customers with the benefit of both the plans. The plan allows customers to fix and set up a regular amount of payment so that they need not worry about topping up like in Pay Monthly plan and there is no contract like PAYG plans so that the customers can change, hold or stop the plans whenever they want.

MD of EE’s Marketing - Max Taylor said that the new plans provide their customers greater control and flexibility and have the option of pausing or changing their plans at customer's wish with the combined benefits of two plans – Pay monthly and PAYG.

The prices of the plans are very attractive say you will get with a payment of £10 which gives you 2 GB mobile data, unlimited messages and 1000 minutes calls in a period of 30 days and for the payments upto £30 with the addition of 20GB mobile data and 3000 minutes calls. The customers will also get, along with flex plans when opting the plans for longer stay period, free data boost say extra 500 Mb for 3 months stay period. Even if the customers do not use the entire data, they can roll over the unused data to next month.

These new flex plans are effective from 25th July 2018.

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