EE launches swappable benefits on 4G plans

Thursday, May 2nd 2019

EE has introduced a new Smart plan with “swappable benefits” for their Pay Monthly customers and it includes the Music Pass, Video Pass, BT Sport app and Extended roaming and also for the first time “lifetime smartphone warranty”.


The new plans are like any ordinary mobile plans with a combination of unlimited voice and text calls and various data allowances for broadband. The only difference is swappable benefits offered where the customers can opt for paid add-ons based on their choice that can be swapped whenever they like to do. These benefits are not available default to SIM Only plans. The customers of Smart plans (plan & handset), will get minimum one Swappable benefit that can be swapped anytime. They can also get any other benefits at additional costs. They can swap via EE’s website or through EE app.


Swappable benefits include Music Data Pass at £7.99 per month extra, Video Data Pass at £8.99 per month, BT Sport App at £15 per month and Roam Further Pass at £10 per month. The customers will get the benefits of new EE Service Packs without any cost and it includes EE lifetime guarantee, Annual device and account MOT and £10 off protective kit.


EE’s Marketing Director - Edward Goff said that their new plans offer their customers flexible and more personal smartphone experience. Only under the new plans, the customers will get extended smartphone warranty and annual account & device MOT with upgrading latest smartphone option. They can also change swappable benefits whenever they want. Their Smart Plans gives the best 4G experience which will be the foundation for 5G plans.

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