Double Terabyte Data allowance to Home/ Business broadband of AA ISP

Saturday, July 28th 2018

One of the UK ISPs – Andrews & Arnold has made an announcement for their broadband customers of Terabyte packages offering double the data allowance from 1st August 2018.

Hence from August onwards, the Home 1 package customers with 1000 GB monthly usage will get 2000 GB data allowance that is to say 2 Terabyte from 1st August without additional cost. The prices for the Home 1 packages with 2TB tariff (includes copper line rental) starts from £50 per month including VAT for ADSL lines and £60 for VDSL2 (FTTC) based superfast broadband whereas the FTTP based broadband connection from £55 as it does not require copper line. If you do not require AAISP's copper line service, then deduct an amount of £10 from the above rates for ADSL/ VDSL products.

As per the study by the regulating authority Ofcom, the average usage of superfast broadband by a customer is 231 Gb in a month in the country whereas the data allowance of 2000 GB (2 terabyte) is more than sufficient for the customers.

From the A&A's Statement - when they first brought their 1 TB tariff plans, the ISP wanted to offer the customers with much unlimited data and majority of their customers do not use more than 1 TB. But sometimes it depends upon the usage by different categories of customers based on using patterns who stream more of videos and download more. Their effort to maintain the goal of providing 1 TB tafiff, now they are happy to announce that their Home 1 package of 1 TB has been offered with 2 TB per month from 1st August onwards. Even there is no extra cost and quota bonus will be applied.

Their website's order pages will be updated with the offers by 31st July. So customers order for 1 TB tariff will get 2 TB from August onwards. Similar to this offer, AAISP also offers for their SOHO 1 business category broadband package customers will get 5 TB per month from current 2 TB data from 1st August. These offers will be applicable to all new and existing customers.

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