Chiltern Railways to offer free Wi-Fi from mid-February on all routes

Friday, January 20th 2017

Free Wi-Fi will soon be available on all commuter routes of Chiltern Railways. From mid-February passengers on commuter routes, including routes covering places like Aylesbury, London-Maryleborne, High Wycombe, Gerard Cross or Beaconsfield, will be able to get free Wi-Fi access. This means connecting 1,400 services every week, thanks to the support extended to the rail company by the Department for Transport to roll out the service.

Paul Maynard, the Rail Minister, said to roll out fast and reliable Wi-Fi free on trains, they were investing nearly £50 million. He was happy that Chiltern passengers are set to benefit and they were working hard to see commuters can do work and get information, or just keep in touch with family and friends, when travelling. He added that they require new franchises to provide Wi-Fi free as standard, but are determined that by 2018, 90% of all trains will get access to Wi-Fi.

The Chiltern Railways' Managing Director, Dave Penney, stated that every train of Chiltern Railways will have free Wi-Fi available, to provide more opportunity to passengers for getting things done. Since 2011, this service has been available on their long-distance trains, he pointed out. Dave Penney added that this investment will fulfil their aim to extend free Wi-Fi to all services, covering an additional 1,400 services per week.

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