Cambridge Fibre's cheap FTTP broadband plans

Friday, August 10th 2018

In the last year, the newly started ISP Cambridge Fibre has started deployment of FTTP network with multi Gigabit speeds to cover homes and businesses in Cambridge – Cambridgeshire. The ISP has now launched their new packages.

The provider aspire to build unlimited 1Gbps capable FTTH/P network for 1400 homes & 10 Gbps speed hyperfast FTTP network for businesses in the year 2018. Their network will adopt usage of PON, GPON and XGS-PON fibre technologies. As the operator launched their new website and packages, they will start focussing on main parts of the city of Cambridge and around cathedral city of Ely.

Co-Founder of Cambridge Fibre - John McEleney said that high speed internet are considered good depending upon the networks. Broadband networks that exist in the city are based on old copper cabling and people are feeling slow connections though updations in the packages. Whereas companies offering fibre connections are one that fibre connected upto the street cabinet not directly connected to the premises. Cambridge Fibre is delivering with high speed and reliability which can be executed by building of a new and latest technology network.

The ISP has started offering 3 primary packages for home and businesses and associated with Vonage to provide a VoIP phone service at an extra cost of £8.50 including VAT per month. The home packages are as below:

Home Basic
With a download speed of 500Mbps & upload speed of 10Mbps at price of £32 per month

Home Plus
with a download of 900Mbps and upload speed of 20Mbps at a price of £38 per month

Home Premium
with a download speed of 900Mbps and upload speed of 40Mbps at a price of £48 per month.

Among the above plans, the broadband plan at a price of £38 at a speed of 900 Mbps average make it as the cheapest one in the UK market.

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