BT Sport secures rights to UEFA Champions and Europa League till 2020-21 season

Tuesday, March 7th 2017

BT has secured for their BT Sport service the exclusive rights to show soccer matches of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League in the UK until the end of the 2020-21 season. This will place BT Sport as the exclusive home for football in UK.

BT already has bagged exclusive TV rights, in UK, to the tournaments and remains the only place to view the matches, highlights and in-match clips of the tournaments. The game will be available to view in 4K Ultra-High Definition, on Dolby Atmos sound and also is available on the BT Sport app. BT is looking to boost their social media coverage too. Fans will be able to see the tournament finals on YouTube, streamed live.

The new announcement would probably add fuel to fire, as Virgin Media has been complaining about the steeply rising cost of premium TV football content. Another reason is, for those who see BT as over-spending on TV Sport but not spending enough on broadband infrastructure upgradation, they'll have every reason to complain.

Nevertheless, BT as a competitive provider will see it as necessary to aggressively compete in the market, with the rivalry to push quad-play bundles getting hotter. BT would like to weaken Sky's tight hold over premium sport content on TV. However customers would only be wishing that such competition would bring down prices and not push them up, for watching their favourite sporting content on TV or screens

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