BT introduced Stay Fast Guarantee for home broadband customers

Monday, May 6th 2019

ISP giant BT has announced that they have extended the speed guarantee also to their ADSL and FTTC (VDSL2) based packages beyond on their FTTP and packs. The new feature of “Stay Fast Guarantee” helps in correcting a fault in speeds and if they fail to do, the provider agrees to give back £20 upto four times in a year.


Already Ofcom brought the rules to make ISPs to provide their customers for estimate of expected speeds (download/upload) including Minimum Guaranteed Access Line Speed. This requires ISPs to correct the speeds when falls below the fixed speed and if fails to do so, the providers should offer their customers to exit contract without charges.


However, the new Stay Fast Guarantee feature will be given to new and existing customers of BT. The provider optimize the performance of their connectivity remotely to ensure customers to get a faster line speed. The provider also will send their engineer to the customer place to give better solution alternatively. If BT is not able to give the customers the said speeds after 30 days of fault, the customers are eligible to get £20.


BT’s Marketing Director - Kelly Barlow said that with their new speed guarantee feature, they will not only guarantee for speeds but regularly check and optimize speeds to get reliable speed always. They will assist their customers by sending their experts to get back to normal speed ensuring to get best broadband experience.


Beyond the support given by the provider with their guarantee and engineer personal support to ensure speeds every day, the customers can also check their speeds via My BT account.

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