Black Friday deals by ISP First Utility

Tuesday, November 27th 2018

One of the ISPs and energy provider First Utility has announced that they have introduced their Black Friday deals on their broadband and phone packages. The ISP has reduced their prices on their long term contracts and the offers will be available to order till Thursday - December 6, 2018.

As usual the new subscribers will get a free wireless router, unlimited usage, phone line rental, a minimum contract term of 18 months, free connection & delivery and UK based support. Beyond this, the ISP assured that they will not raise the prices in the mid of contract term.

Ed Kamm from First Utility Broadband said that it is a false sense of thinking that all the broadband offers will always help to save money and if you are once come out of contract term, the customers need to pay the actual price. There are also more deals to save your money with a long term contracts in their broadband packages.

Their packages are:

First broadband
With an average download speed of 11 Mbps at a price of £16.99 (actual price £18.99) per month.

SuperFirst broadband
With an average download speed of 35 Mbps at a price of £23.99 (actual price £31.99) per month

UltraFirst broadband
With an average download speed of 63 Mbps at a price of £26.99 (actual price £34.99) per month

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