Bigblu Broadband Group PLC, new name of Satellite Solutions Worldwide Group PLC

Thursday, May 31st 2018

One of the global alternate broadband service providers, Satellite Solutions Worldwide Group PLC has been renamed as Bigblu Broadband Group PLC last week. The company was founded in 2008 and grown across the world with their core business of alternate broadband solution with satellite technology. Though they had grown well and succeeded in satellite technology, they would also like to find and use other alternate technologies to capture more market and to deliver best alternate broadband solutions towards achieving the better customer experience. This name change has been executed to show their footprint in other alternate technologies beyond their core technology of Satellite broadband and bring all their brands under one roof. They are the 4th largest satellite ISP in the world.

At present there are approximately 82% of their customers under satellite broadband plans and balance are using fixed wireless and other alternative technologies. They have also acquired 20 businesses across the world in the past 3 years. Now BBB is one of the largest multi territory service providers of alternative broadband technology having more than one lakh customers throughout 30 countries and provides super-fast broadband through satellite, fixed wireless and 4G/5G to the locations for connecting homes and business premises which are not served or underserved by the fibre technology.

Chief Technology Officer of Bigblu Broadband - Simon Clifton said that their core technologies will remain satellite, fixed wireless broadbands and fixed 4G/5G wherever networks available. They also work towards various other technologies and other satellite companies in the world for their future growth & development which fit their markets.

He added that Satellite technology is a great thing for rural areas with low population, connecting homes and business premises with the download speed of 50 Mbps. Also fixed wireless broadband is also good in enabling high download speed of 100 Mbps with low latency & high throughputs with unlimited data. There are available many government subsidies and grants for deploying fixed wireless networks and the company has already got 2 tenders in the UK and 2 bids in Norway. Bigblu also remains concentrate on the 5-10% of underserved or not served area customers in each country.

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