48Mbps Broadband Introduced by Cerberus Networks

Sunday, October 18th 2009

Internet service provider operating in the United Kingdom, Cerberus Networks has come forward with a striking announcement that it was planning to launch what the ISP claims as the maiden bonded ADSL2+ broadband service in the United Kingdom.


Cerberus Networks LogoThe fresh broadband platform is expected to go live in the coming November. The platform, as a matter of fact, has been realised by the bonding of a couple of standard telephone wires, which enables the subscribers to enjoy double the broadband speeds generally available.


According to a renowned pro-broadband website catering mainly for the British public, the new service from Cerberus would allow the customers enjoy download speeds of up to 48Mbps, beside an upload speed of 5Mbps.


The website has quoted the director of Cerberus Networks, Bob Hendy as saying that the technology followed by the company would provide its resellers with fresh opportunities not only to emerge successful, but also to reduce costs.


According to Hendy, the fresh broadband package dubbed Cerberus X2 provided the customers with innovative options for video applications, telephony and remote access, other than displaying a tremendous potential to them to drive down prices while additionally deploying network services.

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