Epitro introduce Vocalite for detecting VoIP faults

Friday, December 7th 2007

Epitro, the solution provider for various internet related issues, introduced Vocalite, a diagnostic tool for handling and processing subscriber VoIP faults. The test and information provided by Vocalite will help the VoIP service providers to fix the problems soon and get better customer satisfaction.

Vocalite can be launched along with the browser to conduct all tests including a two-way active test that will identify where the problems lie. Soon after the tests, the software will display test summary and the same will be sent to the service provider who may further look into the problems to fix them up without any delay. The non-technical support staff, after a scrutiny, will be able to detect the faults and pass them to the relevant personnel for fast restoration of call quality.  Meantime, the customers will be assured of necessary technical support thus brining vast relief to them.

The main advantage of using Vocalite is that providers can identify the faults related to physical network of VoIP lines and components like switches which are essential to ensure good call quality. Other benefits include the understanding of all issues from end-user’s perspective, real-time monitoring etc.

As far as customer satisfaction is concerned, Vocalite will be of great help to providers who want to focus on this area. As call quality is directly related to customer satisfaction level, and these tests can be conducted from the premises of end users, the adoption of this new tool will boost good will of the company and will help the providers to retain their customer base as the customer satisfaction levels will be high.


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