Demon lowest in connection failures - Epitro Report

Saturday, July 21st 2007

The Internet Performance Indicator (IPI) Q2 2007 Report from Epitiro places Demon at the second position among the top ten ADSL broadband providers in the UK for the second consecutive time.

Epitro, the popular Customer Experience Management (CEM) provider for Internet access services chooses the top five providers in the UK out of ten UK ADSL broadband providers based on their technical performance.

According to the latest Epitro’s ranking, BT, Demon, Tiscali, Pipex and PlusNet occupy the first five slots among the top ten broadband providers selected for testing.

The speed and reliability of the services offered by top ten ISPs are assessed by comparing the duration required by each service to connect, download, upload and the time they require for ping and DNS lookups.

The testing of the ISPS was conducted by ISP-I in nine different areas in the UK.  During this quarter, each broadband services are tested over eighty thousand times so as to collect 722,623 data samples from these areas.

Both BT and Demon have retained their top positions with first and second place respectively. Gavin Johns of Epitiro says:
“In terms of technical performance, BT, Demon and Pipex are consistently maintaining their presence in the top five. The Epitiro Consumer ADSL IPI report gives us a unique opportunity to observe and rate the largest UK broadband providers from the Internet user’s point of view,”

Regarding the performance of Demon internet, he commented:

”Demon had the lowest percentage of connection failures in the second quarter of 2007, suggesting that their consumer ADSL customers had the highest degree of uptime of the sample group.”


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