Demon imposes FUP on Unlimited Business Packages

Monday, July 26th 2010

Demon Internet, that was recently relaunched, has been pressurised to subject their new unlimited business broadband internet packages to a Fair Usage Policy (FUP). According to the claims of the provider, it had recently witnessed a massive increase in the amount of heavy consumers that were pressurising it to make certain tough decisions for protecting their network as well as the service quality.

The fresh broadband services of Demon Internet, which were only introduced at the end of June, had originally promised to end confusion around the advertised connection speeds and Fair Usage Policies. The ISP had then gone on to highlight a range of business broadband packages, which featured unlimited usage.

As a matter of fact, the allowances of Demon Internet were pretty flexible, particularly as the Business 2+ package which boasted of 8Mbps download speed and 1Mbps upload speed, costing GBP 19 a month on a 24 month deal. It is obvious that a 200GB allowance at peak hours on a cheap package like that could be leaving them vulnerable to issues on the road ahead.

Although, the new fair usage policy will not be imposed until the end of a thirty day notice, Demon would be starting to monitor usage immediately after the sign up. The customers of business broadband packages can make use of a usage tracker now, and those who exceeds the usage limits after the implementation of the policy would be restricted to speeds of around 128Kbps during peak hours.

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