Takers of BT Business unlimited broadband offered first 6 months free

Tuesday, September 1st 2015

New customers taking up BT Business' standard unlimited broadband package (up to 17Mbps on ADSL2) will be benefited by a new offer of 6 months free service on the start of the deal. The offer is available up to 18th of December of this year.

The usual line rental applies for this deal, which starts at £13+VAT per month. All the packages come with a free connection, free access to public Wi-Fi hotspots on BT's national network, a Hub3 wireless router, 10 email addresses, 50Mb of webspace, free 24/7 technical support and an option for a static IP address (but which is charged). The customer gets prioritised business traffic during peak times too.

After 6 months of the free period, prices for the broadband service thereafter starts at £10 per month for an usage allowance of 10GB. It rises to £17 if you take up the package for unlimited usage. The top price of £25 per month gets the enhanced Tech Head IT support. On the other hand, subscribers taking up Infinity broadband packages for business continue to get the discount of £5 per month on standard prices of its variants.

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