Million-pound investment in Core network announced by ISP Onyx Group

Monday, March 9th 2015

To increase capacity ten-fold, the ISP Onyx Group has announced an investment of £1 million into their core network infrastructure. The Data Centre & Cloud specialist will increase their core infrastructure to 10Gb by planning a brand new network to critically reduce latency levels throughout their managed wide area network. Their move is to facilitate plans of becoming a £100 million per annum business in the long-term.

CEO of Onyx Group, Neil Stephenson, said this investment highlights their commitment to customers, to provide them the most reliable, faster and more secure solution available. As one of the first ISPs in UK to pioneer business-to-business connectivity, they have continuously invested in infrastructure throughout the last 20 years, he added. Onyx has unrivalled skills and expertise in fully managed network solutions for any business, capable of designing, building and installing a project fully. North East businesses in UK are in a position to benefit from this investment of Onyx Group that has the scalability to support any future growth of business. This announcement incidentally follows the news of the Onyx's recent acquisition of Knowledge IT for £10 million, that has reinforced the ISP's existing infrastructure and will help in its plans for the future.

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