Geo Network's fibre broadband to cover Croydon too

Friday, May 2nd 2014

The dedicated fibre optic solutions provider, Geo Networks, has confirmed expansion of its fibre optic cables into Croydon (South London). The 145km extension of the network further will be deployed using the underground sewer system of London. Customers can be connected to the city and Docklands and onwards to Manchester, Slough and other places in UK and Ireland, running through Geo's network and the East-West Ring.

Croydon is a growth area and a development centre that can benefit from the predominantly fibre based infrastructure that Geo works on. Over £3 billion is expected to be invested here in the next 5 years in a revitalisation scheme of this area. Grade A office spaces of around 2.8 million sq.ft. is being planned, to attract firms from the financial services and engineering sectors.

Chief Executive at Geo, Chris Smedley, said Croydon has great growth potential with future needs of high performance data network that Geo can build and provide.

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