CityFibre acquires Coventry City's metro fibre network

Wednesday, June 4th 2014

CityFibre the leading fibre optic infrastructure provider has acquired 140km of metro fibre network from the Coventry City Council in England, in a strategic partnership deal. CityFibre will upgrade and extend the metro fibre network to deliver Gigabit broadband speeds (1,000Mbps) to local businesses via the Coventry CORE.

The present network was built by Optilan commissioned 6 years back, now primarily serves 300 properties which are mostly public areas and buildings. CityFibre will continue to provide connectivity to these sites, but the firm plans for greater, extensive use of the network and major expansion. CityFibre's upgrade will make Coventry CORE the firm's largest metro network, adding a solid 50% approximately to its national digital footprint.

The upgrade of the network will make Coventry into a 'Gigabit City'. Similar roll-out of an open fibre-optic broadband network is going on at Peterborough and York, with pre-registration of interest by the company. To encourage businesses in Coventry to register their interest in ultra-fast lines, CityFibre has launched the Gig Up Coventry pre-registration campaign. The network builder has also committed to the "Super Connected Cities" programme that offers up to £3000 in grants to connect superfast broadband service to local businesses. Cabinet Member Councillor Damien Gannon, Strategic Finances and Resources, is very positive of the benefits and advantages this project will ultimately deliver for the city in economic and technological terms.

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