Aberdeen's Gigabit broadband network build started by CityFibre

Thursday, March 19th 2015

CityFibre, the fibre-optic network developer, has announced the commencement of work to build a new 1,000Mbps capable fibre broadband network (FTTP) for the city of Aberdeen. The project works in hand with Internet For Business (IFB), its partner, to reach more than 6,000 businesses. This intent was announced last year in September and the project will be also to benefit hundreds of public sector sites like libraries, hospitals, schools, universities, government buildings, etc.

Aberdeen is already being promoted as the first 'Gigabit City' of Scotland. The first parts to benefit from this roll-out, during May of 2015, will be Queens Road, Schoolhill and Union Street. Dyce, Bridge of Don and Altens will follow soon in the year. Work will probably be done quickly and with a minimum of disruption to citizens, owing to the new trenching technique and equipment being used for construction.

CityFibre rolls out its network deployment on a demand-based criteria. But a campaign that began last year, has so far resulted in over 250 local businesses registering their interest. The CityFibre network could in future act as a "backbone" to expand FTTH services of providers. The Aberdeen CORE network will host the city's fibre infrastructure overall.

Councillor Marie Burton, Aberdeen City council deputy leader, said this is great news as better digital connectivity is part of their long term plan to make the city economically successful. CityFibre's City Development Manager, James McClafferty said this is a huge step forward in making Aberdeen into Scotland's first gigabit City.

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