Youngs & Geronimo pub chain to offer BT-WiFi free

Tuesday, July 16th 2013

One hundred and forty pubs and bars belonging to Young's and Geronimo in London and South East will have BT WiFi access rolled out over the next 5 months, in a new 5-year deal between them. Customers can access using any wireless mobile device or a capable computer. BT has its own fixed line broadband customers and through FON enabled Home Hub routers provide the most coverage. BT hotspots are free and unlimited to BT's customers. It has right across UK and Ireland, more than 5 million hotspots.

In a sample conducted by ICM and BT in a research covering 2,000 people observed that 87% of consumers go online while at a drinking or eating place. 55% of them access WiFi at a food and beverage site using a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Andy Baker, CEO of BT WiFi, pointed out that in their new partnership, visitors to this premium pub chain will be able to get online easily, while out and about eating and drinking. The IS Manager at Young and Co.'s Brewery Plc, Andy Maynard, says more visitors to pubs hold meetings here, connect to office work, or catch up on their social network on weekends while here.

The pub chain will also receive services from BT's multichannel retail business- BT Expedite. Young's point-of-sale machines will be now connected to cut operational costs and offer flexible services to customers. BT hotspots are also available at brands like GAME, Starbucks, Hilton, John Lewis  and Network Rail.

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