UK Not Wholly Harried by Poor Broadband

Friday, October 23rd 2009

A pro-broadband website has come forward to comment that the absence of broadband internet connections at all, or sluggish broadband connection speeds were certainly not a country-wide problem.


Country-sides Failed in Getting Fast BroadbandThe broadband information providing website known as Broadband UK has let out a refreshing news that everyone in the United Kingdom did not fall in the list of those affected by sluggish or poor broadband internet service.


According to the website, the exact issue was the location or more precisely, the distance of the nearest exchange of BT from the property. This problem, quite surprisingly was not one found just affecting the rural areas of the country. It has also been revealed that locations in or near urban areas were also found languishing with poor broadband service.


The broadband speed issues experienced by the urban locations take place due to stodgy phone system that has been overstretched through imposing heavy duty that comes a part of population growth and the resultant overuse.


The website says that due to the fact that the whole broadband system was banking on this stodgy copper line technology, the issue was not going to get resolved until considerable time and money are invested in it.


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