Trial for Auto-PAC switch over by BT Mobile

Wednesday, January 9th 2019

BT's mobile division - BT Mobile / EE has recently announced that they have started recruiting for their trials of “Auto-PAC Switching” and they want to ensure for the things in place to give their customers great experience in switching over mobile number or account to another operator.

The trial is due to UK's telecom regulating authority – Ofcom's new mobile switching changes. Ofcom in the year 2017 had given time limit until July 1, 2019 for the mobile operators in the UK to introduce a new Auto-Switching process using Text-to-Switch which helps the users to switch over by just sending a text message to the operator.

Hence the customers can send a free text message to their existing operator's number and in turn the operator will send the customer with a special code which can be given to the new operator to switch over. The code will be valid for 30 days. Under this system, there is no need for a call with customer support staff. Just a message makes it easy.

To implement this process, BT is planning their trial but they do not want to test by pushing customers off from their network and not done using their official mobile SIMS. Instead of that the trialists will be given with virtual/live mobile SIMs at free of charge during the trial period. The trial will be expected to start in the month of February 2019 and will run until July 2019.

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