Phase 1 areas announced for BT broadband in Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire

Saturday, March 1st 2014

First areas to receive BT’s fibre broadband network upgrade have been announced by the £18.06m Connected Counties scheme. The FTTC/P network is expected to cover 90% of Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire premises before the end of March 2016.

It is reported that Openreach has started its work on Phase 1 of the project. Also, first areas with street cabinets to get upto 80 Mbps capable FTTC technology from BT broadband between March and September 2014 have been announced. Most of the projects that are supported by BDUK have not announced details of cabinets to get the upgrade, reports say.

Exchange areas and cabinet numbers for Phase 1 are already published. Openreach will start survey work on Phase 2 in April 2014 and details of telephone exchanges that will be included under this phase are Holmer Green, High Wycombe, Knebworth, Naphill, Lane End, Stevenage, Park St, Waddesdon and St Albans. The new connection is expected to cover about 38,500 businesses and homes.

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