Harrogate and York to get BT Fibre Broadband

Thursday, December 2nd 2010

The latest region in the United Kingdom in line to benefit from the fibre optic broadband rollout programme of BT is North Yorkshire. According to reports, the superfast broadband rollout of the UK telecommunications giant was to benefit around 46000 properties in the area.

The fibre optic broadband rollout scheme of BT that is part of the company's GBP 2.5 billion superfast broadband project is believed to cover as amny as 46000 businesses and households in York and Harrogate. This has been reported by the Yorkshire Post.

The Yorkshire Council leader, Andrew Waller said that upgraded internet connections were crucial if the image of York that of a science city was to be upheld in the years ahead.

Waller added that the people of the United Kingdom needed to ensure that UK broadband internet coverage was boosted across the whole country for encouraging the growth of businesses in the segment of science and technology.

The newspaper pointed out that York was currently among the best ten cities in the United Kingdom in terms of broadband internet coverage. Nevertheless, it also noted that other areas of the country were lagging behind.

This news follows the revelation by BT that it was also planning to upgrade around twenty thousand properties in Kenilworth and Warwick to fibre optic broadband, with work set to complete in a few weeks time.

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