glh hotels get free unlimited BT-WiFi

Tuesday, February 4th 2014

BT and GuocoLeisure Group will rollout free WiFi service to 36 glh owned hotels in the UK, according to reports. glh is a London based operator that owns brands such as AMBA Hotels, The Cumberland, thistle, CLERMONT and LITE NITE.

Guests staying at the hotel can access free WiFi without having to register for the service. With this deal, glh has become single largest user to access BT WiFi. Guests visiting these hotels can access the free service in lobby areas, meeting rooms and bedrooms. The announcement has been made following a research by BDRC Continental that put forward the fact that hotel guests primarily look forward to get free WiFi access just as a good night’s sleep. This move is definitely a unique approach towards hotel customers who were not considered before by wireless internet services.

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