Extension of FTTP 330 Mbps special offer by Openreach

Tuesday, April 9th 2019

Openreach has recently announced that they have once again extended the rental discount on their 330 Mbps capable FTTP wholesale product for another 6 months until September 30, 2019. The plan offers upload speeds of 50 Mbps and all those ISPs who have taken Openreach’s product can avail such rental discounts. However all the ISPs will not be passing such benefits to the end users.

The plan was initially launched to match the top headline speed with their new hybrid fibre G.fast based product and there had been given a discount during October 2017 initially for 12 months. The same discount was already extended until March 30, 2019 and now once again it will be extended for another 6 months until 30th September, 2019.

Connection Fee: £92 (Standard Price), £92 (Offer Price)
FTTP Transition Rental Price (pm): £29.61 (Standard Price), £17 (Offer Price)
FTTP Data Rental Price (pm): £38 (Standard Price), £25.39 (Offer Price)
FTTP Data + FVA Rental Price (pm): £38.25 (Standard Price), £25.64 (Offer Price)

Though the above prices offered to the ISPs are the wholesale price charged by Openreach, ISPs will still need to add their service cost plus VAT at 20%, profit margins, etc to arrive retail price of the product for the ultimate end users. The thing is that ISPs will use different models and all of them are not passing the saving benefits to the end users. Many ISPs using Openreach’s national network offer FTTP services include BT, Freeola, Zen Internet, iDNET, Cerberus Networks, AAISP etc.

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