Complete Wifi option to all superfast fibre broaband packages of BT

Saturday, January 12th 2019

BT has introduced new “Coverage guarantee” at the end of the 2018 for their premium Plus broadband packages. The guarantee offers a strong wifi signals in the entire home with a Complete Wifi solution. Now BT has extended this Coverage Guarntee offer to even their superfast fibre broaband packages also (non-plus plans) and also with a access to Amazon Prime for 1 year.

The complete wifi is costing an additional £10 a month which guarantees strong signals in each and every room with their Smart Hub 2 router along with a special boosting disc. BT earlier claimed that one disc can support 4 bedroom house.

BT will hold the ownership of the disc and the Hub will be of end users. However one disc is not enough to get the guarantee speed. Hence BT is offering extra disc without extra cost upto 3 discs. Even after that if the customers do not get the coverage guaranteed, they will be offered with a bill credit of £20.

Earlier the guarantee was given only to BT Plus packages at £5 extra a month. Now it is offered to superfast fibre package customers also. But you need to get whole home wifi Kit with 3 discs at £179.99 or 2 at £122.

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