BT's EE improves UK Support for Customers with hearing loss

Saturday, August 25th 2018

BT's mobile division EE has announced that they are improving their customer support for those customers with hearing loss. EE in association with Action on Hearing Loss which conducted a total assessment of its call centre to bring best practices for supporting such customers.

As a result of this, EE said that their customer support teams have now been trained well to assist better to such customers with hearing issues not only using of Next Generation Text relay services but also a Sign Language Interpreting Service for whom using British Sign Language. Those customers who inform EE about their disability will get additional support from their Customer Disability Team.

Executive Director at AoHL - James Rowe said that they have partnered with EE as they provide support for those with hearing loss or deafness. It is proud that EE has proactively taking such steps to provide such customers with extra support and to get access to phone packages best suited to their needs. AoHL has been working closely with EE's Customer Disabiltiy Team and wishing to develop partnership to bring benefits to the people with hearing problems.

On the top of additional customer support, EE also offers special mobile plans with less voice minutes and great data allowances to such customers where they can be better able to align with their needs how customers with hearing loss prefer to communicate.

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