Fiber broadband installation of ‘Be Broadband’ delayed again

Thursday, April 12th 2012

The network service provider ‘Be Broadband’, owned by ‘O2’, informed that there is little chance for it to deliver ‘fiber-to-the-cabinet’ (FTTC) services to the customers till the next year. It refused to disclose the cause of the delay, but only said that the progress of work is not as fast as anticipated.

This is the second time that the service provider has cut a sorry figure to its customers. In June 2011, it had initiated a pre-registration plan to know the customer interest, informing that fiber service will be introduced by the year end. But in September it regretted that materializing of the plan is bound to be delayed.

Chris Stening of Be Broadband informed that the provider has plans for unlimited fiber broadband. Otherwise the object of having higher speed is defeated. The company can offer high speeds, but considering the traffic management, the speed will not be continuous and cannot be for long.

The service provider succeeded in connecting the fiber network to the premises of a customer in Barking, London on trial basis.

Be Broadband informed that in spite of the delay, the roll out is expected at the end of the year.

The other service providers like BT and Virgin Media are already providing FTTC services. They are upgrading the infrastructure to provide higher download and upload speeds.

In the meantime, the action of Virgin Media to throttle most of its 50 Mbps and higher connections has been criticized by the customers because it tends to reduce the download and upload speeds.

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