Be Broadband States It Would Maintain Commitment to Open Internet

Saturday, July 28th 2012

Be Broadband, one among the big wigs in the Internet industry has registered for the recent Internet Code of practice on impartiality of the net stated that it was imperative to safeguard the net.

It said that subsequent to the heightened attention upon the content in the Internet and open accessibility in the past few years, they had come together with a couple of other broadband suppliers to register for the voluntary code.

This implied that the company was dedicated to offer complete and open products for Internet access, function openly and treat all matter as equivalent.

The firm also added that that they were even earlier offering all the above mentioned things, nevertheless they wished that their name was also entered on to the chart to ensure that everyone was aware that it would be carried on.

Be Broadband elucidated that the code that was developed by the Broadband stakeholder Group was a commitment that publicly agreed to safeguard the idea of open Internet on the basis of lawful content. Therefore there would be no chance of it revoking any laws or judgments from the court that were targeted on blocking illegitimate actions.

Be Broadband also stated as an example, that of late they had to prevent the Pirate Bay on account of a High Court ruling, not to forget that the digital Economy Act was still doing its bit behind the screen.

So, the broadband provider suggested that users should still ensure to be careful when they were accessing the Internet and try as much as possible to stay clear of any matter that could probably have been shared unlawfully.

The company stated that if they were maintaining an open Internet everyone needed to function with responsibility and make sure that they nurture it.

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