Be Broadband could not confirm fibre for 2013

Friday, September 7th 2012

Be broadband provider is not yet sure whether it can provide the fibre broadband internet service by the year 2013.

The service provider which is the sister enterprise of O2 has yet to introduce its fibre-based broadband offers. This implies that the customers are not able to access super fast broadband service that is delivered by some of the rivals.

Previously in this year, the Be provider has admitted that it could not make good progress on the fibre broadband, a position which does not seem to have been changed by the final quarter of this year.

Chris Stenning who is the managing director at the enterprise said that he was unable to provide customers any definite answer which they are excepting about the fibre broadband service.

He also stated that as we saw from their announcement previously in this year, the fibre broadband this year was not the thing that they were planning to invest for due to the other important priorities over the group.

They are at present considering at the big investment across the O2 UK for the year 2013 and this is one of the main things on the list that they wish to accomplish but yet he can not affirm either way.

Mr Stenning also said that there was only little at present that he can add to the matter but he also said that the Be fibre broadband service will be fantastic.

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