Call Prices Hiked by AOL

Thursday, November 5th 2009

AOL Broadband Home Phone AdAOL, one of the most popular home phone and broadband providers operating in the United Kingdom, has reportedly increased its call connection charge. According to the hike the cost of making a phone call will go up by 3 pence approximately.


This news has been revealed by the phone service division of AOL UK broadband provider, AOL Talk. It is understood that the phone division of the ISP had hiked its phone call connection charges to 9.05p. A number of rival broadband providers of AOL have also made similar moves.


The authority to charge the consumers with call connection charges vests on the home phone provider, who charges using this privilege each phone call made outside a calling plan. The people that make long calls are slapped a one-of-charge. It was in November that the fee had been raised from 6p a call to 9.05 a call.


According to a number of industry experts, the price hike effectuated by the rival home phone bigwigs such as Orange, Sky and BT is being reflected in the price increase made by AOL. Piper also advised that customer needed to be aware of such charges as they were charge per phone call.

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