AOL to cease support for Netscape users

Sunday, December 30th 2007

AOL which owns Netscape Navigator has announced that it would cease providing support for the browser which was so popular during nineteen nineties and was used by over 90 percent of internet users during the peak times of its popularity. Seeing its usage has drastically dropped down to below one percent (0.6 %) currently thanks to the popular browsers like Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox, the company has made this decision.

Developed by Marc Andreessen, Netscape Navigator hit the market in 1994 and soon became popular in the browser market. While competition in browser market grew up with arrival of many browsers, it was Internet Explorer of Microsoft which reversed the success story of Netscape. Since Microsoft offered its browser free with its OS software, Netscape could not succeed in the battle and the number of its users was steadily declining.

In 1998, AOL purchased Netscape and sacked many employees in 2003 who switched over to Mozilla which developed its popular browser ‘Firefox’. However, this broadband provider continued to bring out new versions and is currently on developing its latest Netscape Navigator 9.

According to the report from AOL (Netscape), there will not be any support for all versions of Navigator after 1 February, next year. Likewise, the Navigator users will not get software or security updates although the downloads of Navigator browsers will continue to be available on the site. 

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