AOL announces free Playstation 3 special offer

Tuesday, November 27th 2007

AOL Broadband is to offer another freebie with its premier package – AOL Wireless Plus. According to the latest announcement from the ISP owned by the Carphone Warehouse, the customers who sign up for AOL Wireless Plus (24 month contract) will get free PlayStation 3, 40 GB console that you can use for online gaming and for storing photos, music and videos by accessing PlayStation network.

There is already a special offer of free laptop that AOL has launched with its Wireless Plus package. However, it seems you can choose either a free laptop or a free PlayStation 3 but not both with Wireless Plus. This broadband package which comes with wireless support and a free wireless router has a bit longer contract length of 24 months. With a monthly cost starting from 19.99, AOL Wireless Plus comes with features like 40 GB download limit, free setup, optional PAYG mode of payment etc.

About Playstation 3:
PS3 uses Blu-ray technology which can produce picture of the highest resolution - five times more resolution than normal DVD.
PS3 comes with wireless sixaxis controller and Ratcher & Clank tools of Destruction game.
However, this free offer includes £14.99 delivery charge.

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