Mac broadband packages

Although Apple Mac computers are still popular and used by many internet users across the world, their users form a tiny portion of the total broadband users. It is for this reason that most ISPs have designed their broadband products with PC users (Windows) in their minds thus completely ignoring the needs of Mac users.

Needless to say, it is a hard task for any Mac user to find the best ISP who offers complete Mac support. Since Mac computers require different service, hardware and support, Mac users have to search for the broadband providers who offer modems and routers that are compatible with Mac.

Currently, there are two options left for Mac users to get a broadband connection.

1. Finding a Mac-compatible modem/router

As all broadband packages are Mac-compatible, Mac users can choose the suitable broadband package based on their needs. Reading our expert ISP reviews and all essential information on broadband packages will help you to find out the best package that is Mac-compatible as well as suit your other needs.

If you are a bit techno savvy you may not find any difficulty in finding the Mac-compatible best router/modem in the hardware market. There is a wide range of Mac-compatible routers like Belkin router and Apple airport routers available. You can also pick a Mac-compatible wireless router to go wireless

2. Finding ISP with Mac support

Currently, a few ISPs BT, Madasafish, Pipex, AOL and TalkTalk offer complete mac support with their packages. These providers offer Mac-compatible modems/routers and also installation guidance and technical support all through the contract.

Here is the list of broadband providers / packages that come with all essential support that a Mac user needs:

BT broadband
O2 broadband
AOL Broadband
TalkTalk broadband
Virgin Media broadband