Heavy User Broadband

If you use the internet for four or more hours each day and induldge in a lot of web surfing, downloading music and video files then you fall into the heavy internet user category. Without the right type of broadband plan, you may end up exhausting your download limit within a couple of days. Check out a few deals on this section that has been designed to cater to your heavy internet usage.

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  • The whole world today can be captured and put into a small but efficient net known as the internet. The internet today is ruling the world and there are no surprises when you find people online all the time in a day. The very fact that many of your gadgets allow you to access the net is a clear indication that users love to be online, no matter what device they are working with. The mobile phones, tablets, laptops and even televisions allow users to access the internet.

    Under these circumstances, each broadband provider has a different way of defining who a heavy user is. Usually those who use the broadband connection all day for downloading different contents and streaming heavy data are considered to be heavy users of the internet.

    In order to capture the attention of the growing market, most service providers these days offer heavy-use broadband packages that supports increasing amount of data downloads every month.

    Demand for unlimited Broadband

    Be it work, communication or gaming, everything these days happens online. Downloading limit is a factor that most users look into before choosing a package. You might have come across number of advertisements on the net offering unlimited downloading allowances. While some providers like the Virgin Media and the BE offer unlimited downloads in their standard packages, others give the offer only in the top-end packages.

    Reasons for taking up Heavy Usage Broadband

    1. Family Usage: In a family where more than two members operate the internet on multiple gadgets at the same time, a heavy usage package might be the best possible option.
    2. Gaming Purpose: For dedicated gamers, the heavy usage package might come into play. Do not bother about interruptions while you are on a thrilling game. No more stoppage or download limits.
    3. Students Broadband in Shared accommodations: Just like family members, students who use a shared environment and want to use a common broadband setup, might find this package useful.
    4. 1.Unlimited Users and for heavy downloading: By choosing the right unlimited package, you can download as many movies and songs as you want. Some packages allow you to stay away from the Fair Use Policy.

    Fair Usage Policy

    Although your package may promise you an unlimited download option, it is subject to Fair Use Policy. This is because of the contention ratio - the number of people sharing a single connection. If one user is constantly downloading, the process could slow down the speeds of other internet users who are using the line at the same time. This is not fair as one would hammer the connection with his / her continuous downloads and the others suffer with lack of speed. To ensure equal distribution of speed and download usage, the Fair Usage Policy has been implemented to one and all, irrespective of his unlimited package.

    Sometimes this can be frustrating for those who have spent a good amount of money for their high-speed connections. Even a user with the best and the speediest connection might find himself struggling during peak hours. Sometimes the fair Use policy might even go on to penalise a user for crossing his download limits. A user may be warned as he nears his download limit. This act of penalising can extend from slowing down your broadband speed to temporary cancellation of accounts. However the policy should never disturb you while you use the service lightly for surfing, working with emails and other things.

    Tips for Heavy users

    As a user, one must make sure he is aware of his fair use policy, contention ratio, download limits and other conditions set in by the provider. Also you may keep an eye on the download limit and not go on a downloading spree. This will ensure that you are not disturbed and can continue a peaceful browsing.

    Tips for Choosing the Right Broadband Package

    Finding the right broadband package can be a daunting task especially for heavy users. Heavy users are generally those who consume about 40GB, a month. Now, when it comes to heavy downloading it can be of two categories - 1) downloading on a regular basis (may be daily) or 2) downloading heavy contents occasionally. Sometimes heavy usage can happen for those who earn their living by working at home.

    Here, the first thing that has to be kept in mind is the fact that heavy usage is different from unlimited usage. Not all unlimited usage may be suitable for heavy usage as the former could come with a lot of restrictive offers especially in the fair use policy. A typical example of this case is - broadband packages like Virgin Media XXL and Sky Unlimited that are all well and truly unlimited packages.

    For a buyer, it is extremely important to compare various heavy use packages and choose the best one. Always go for a trusted review website with deals for heavy use broadband rather than going by the broadband provider's own website. In the latter, often reviews are given in their favour and the fair use policies are left unexplained. On the contrary a trustable review website gives a chance for you to study different user reviews and get real first-hand experiences based on their opinions.

    When you compare packages based on the size of the downloading or usage allowance, it is also important to compare the penalties for exceeding the allowance. While some providers slow down the user's connection as a penalty for exceeding the limit, others charge you per MB or GB, that can sometimes be very expensive and calls for explanation.

    Usually unlimited broadband tends to be more expensive than a normal package with usage allowances. By estimating your monthly broadband usage in advance, you can actually reduce the price of your broadband bills to a great extent.

    All the points mentioned above can be taken into account in general. However, different customers have different ways of choosing the right packages for themselves. Choosing the best package for you should also go hand-in-hand with selecting a package that has the best customer service. This is more so in the case of heavy users as they are more likely to seek customer service.

    In a world where one brand excels over the other in different aspects, it is important to be smart while choosing your product. Sometimes you might end up with a choice that may not be yours. Remember, prevention is better than cure any time.