• Broadband without Phone line

    Broadband internet service transmits data packets at a rate faster than dial up which is above 56Kbps. This service also used the telephone lines or copper wires for transmitting data. Initially it was very comfortable for the users to activate the broadband service since most of the users had a telephone connection in their home. However there are many factors which influenced the speed and the reliability of the connection.

    Broadband service using a telephone line is known as ADSL connection which can provide speed rates up to 10Mbps. But any climatic or physical factors influencing the telephone line can cause the internet connection to slow down or get disconnected. For example, rain and wind or birds can cause damage to a telephone line which in turn causes data loss and slow internet speeds.

  • To avoid these issues and to gain much faster and reliable broadband service, users can sign up for a broadband service without a telephone line. Some of which include cable broadband, fiber optic broadband and mobile broadband service. All the three broadband services does not use a telephone line to access the internet. Instead they are connected directly to the ISP’s server and follow a different way of getting connected to the internet.


    Cable Broadband


    Cable and Fiber optic broadband is not integrated with a telephone line, instead they are connected directly to a modem similar to a CATV service. They either use a coaxial cable or a hybrid fiber optic cable. These internet services can transmit data at speeds greater than 20 Mbps.

    In UK Virgin Media is one of the best internet service providers who provide their service to most part of the country. They provide three different types of packages L, XL and XXL. These plans provide a minimum download speed of 10Mbps and a maximum of 50Mbps. Even the minimum speed can be fast enough comparatively with other providers plan and also provide a secure and reliable internet connection.

    These cable broadband plans from Virgin Media can be of much worth if purchased as a bundle package along with TV and other stuffs. This service helps users not only feel at ease for their service, also saves a lot of money per month.

    However there are many areas where the cable has not been laid off in UK. These areas can utilize the mobile broadband service to get access to the broadband internet with speeds up to 14.4Mbps.


    Mobile Broadband


    Mobile Broadband service work’s using a mobile network. It’s completely wireless and can be connected to any computer. Auto installation feature of these modems activates the connection software and helps users to get online instantly at greater speeds.

    Users have to sign up and get a USB modem or data card to access the mobile broadband service. These services are dependent on the mobile base stations to gain access to the network. Almost all the providers in UK provide mobile broadband service.