Free Broadband

As you are choosing from a range of broadband suppliers who have promised free broadband service in UK. While one of these deals may be ideal for you - if you're in need of a new phone, for instance, you should be careful not to be taken in by some of these deals. While they may look attractive at first glance there are often nasty surprises of hidden broadband cost involved in it.

Minimum Contracts

No sane organization will offer you free broadband in return for using another of their services without demanding that you stick around for a while. Take Sky broadband, for example. When you sign up for their free broadband package you are required to keep your subscription for Sky TV for a minimum of 12 months.

Top Free Broadband Packages

Usage Limits

While 'free' broadband may indeed be free, often the service offered will be too poor quality to make it worthwhile. There are two particular reasons for this, the first being usage limits.

A usage limit is simply a cap on the amount of data you are allowed to download or upload in any given month. Many free broadband packages set this cap at 2GB. While this won't be a problem if you use the Internet just for surfing, you may run into trouble if you download large files such as videos.

You see, a single movie download can be more than 1GB in size, swallowing up half your monthly allowance in one fell swoop. Add a few MP3 downloads and your regular browsing to that figure and you may hit the limit before the month is over - and end up paying through the nose for extra capacity.


The second reason free broadband offers may not be worth the trouble is the fact that you may be joining a very long queue. Whenever an ISP pushes a new 'free' broadband offer there will be thousands of people whose eyes light up with cartoon pound signs when they think of the savings. Of course, all of these thousands will sign up at the same time as you, and there are only so many modems in stock/technicians available/call centre staff to get your address wrong and misspell your name.

What does this mean? You got it - it means a month long wait until you get your broadband installed.

At the end of the day, you need to carefully weigh up your options before choosing a free broadband package. You should realize that the package may work out to be more expensive than a regular standalone contract. However, if you actually want the service you're required to buy to get the broadband, you don't need a large usage limit and you don't mind waiting a while longer to get connected then there's no reason why you shouldn't take advantage of the offers. Good luck!