Compare Broadband Packages in UK

Broadband in UK can be compared based on the name of the provider, type of broadband package, speed of the connection, monthly usage, minimum contract period, initial connection charges, first year cost, monthly cost and tie-ups if any. The editor's pick column recommends broadband packages that are suitable for almost all the broadband lovers and economical too.

Else users can sort the packages based on their requirement and choose one among them. For more convenience, we have also sorted the various broadband plans based on the types of users like Home Broadband, Light user, Heavy user, Unlimited Broadband, Business Broadband and bundles. It's very simple and easy for the users if they are aware on what type of users they are and a basic knowledge on the types of broadband connection available in the market.

Editor's picks

BT infinity+line
Speed:Up to 38Mb
Contract:18 months
£25.00 a month
Super 50 Fibre Broadband and Calls
Speed:Up to 50Mb
contract:12 Months
£8.00 a Month
Plusnet Business Broadband
Speed:Up to 18Mb
Contract:24 months
£5.00 a Month
Package Details Speeds
Usage Limit Contract Connection Fee Monthly Cost  
Sky Sports from just £18
Upgrade to Sky Sports from just £18 a month.
No ContractFree
3GB for £8
3GB for £8 for existing BT Broadband customers with a £30 Amazon or iTunes voucher
No ContractFree
4GB for £10
4GB for £10 for existing BT Broadband customers
No ContractFree
4GB for £15
4GB for £15 for new BT Broadband customers
No ContractFree
15GB for £16
15GB for £16 for existing BT Broadband customers
No ContractFree
15GB for £21
15GB for £21 (new BT Broadband customers) + extra speed
No ContractFree
Fast Broadband
Fast Broadband- £22.95 per month. 18 month contract. FREE Setup + £25 TV box cost if purchasing TV
18 monthsFree
Faster Fibre
Faster Fibre - £25 Per Month on 24 Month Contract, plus FREE connection!
24 monthsFree
Faster Fibre TV Standard
Faster Fibre TV Standard - £27.00 PM for 18 Months (£30 connection fee applies)
No ContractFree
Fast Broadband TV PLUS
Fast Broadband TV PLUS - £27.95PM for 12 months (£9 connection fee applies)
12 monthsFree
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