Cheap PAYG broadband

Pay-As-You-Go broadband is ideal for those who are occasional internet users and who do not want to subscribe to full length contract. Just like PAYG dial-up connection, you only pay for the time you have used. Thus, the total cost will depend upon your internet usage in terms of duration you spend online. The cost is generally worked out at per minute rate. For example, Bulldog Pay-as-you-go broadband charges 1p a minute in the evenings and weekends and 3p a minute during the day in the week.

Pay-As-You-Go broadband is a more convenient option for families who do not spend much time online on a regular basis. If the internet usage varies so much during the week or month, paying for the time spent online is certainly a wiser option. Use our broadband bandwidth monitor to find the bandwidth usage when you download different types of files.

PAYG also offers another advantage. You need not pay the hefty fees that come with unlimited/wireless/premier package when taken for a 12 month or 18 month contract. For example, AOL Wireless has PAYG option which means you can enjoy the high speed, wireless broadband from AOL without needing to pay premium for the package. You can compare the monthly cost of all broadband available in the UK using our easy-to-use comparison chart.

Since the amount you pay depends upon your time online, you have to be a bit time-conscious while you are browsing through pages, sending or receiving emails or playing online games. Some ISPs constantly let you to check the time you spend online, so you need not worry much about that.

A few ISPs like AOL broadband , PlusNet, Bulldog and Madasafish offer PAYG option to their users who do not want to commit a long contract. You can avail these deals available from AOL, PlusNet and KCOM with flexible one month contract, while PAYG option from AOL Wireless Plus is indeed the excellent choice. To know more details about the providers/packages that offer Pay as you go and one month contract, just click on the following links:

AOL Wireless Plus offer: You require BT line to avail PAYG option.
PlusNet One month offers: Monthly prices starting from £9.99
KCOM Home broadband Reviews: There is a choice of four options with the cheapest available for £14.99 per month
KCOM Evolution One month packages: Unlimited download limit and the prices are quite competitive and affordable.

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PAYG Broadband Guide

PAYG (Pay as you Go) Broadband is a pre-pay plan offered for mobile broadband. In this plan users have to purchase the USB dongle while subscription. Then based on the usage or required data allowance they can top up the service. The user will be automatically disconnected once the data is used or if the validity time of the top up is over.

Users who are unwilling to sign up for a monthly contract can choose to buy a PAYG 3G broadband connection which can help them save their monthly bills. Also this plan would be more useful for students who could manage topping-up using their pocket money. Almost all the providers in UK offer a PAYG broadband plan. Dongle cost and Top-up value will vary between the providers in UK. Top-ups for the USB dongles can be done either from a local store or from the Account service online provided by the respective provider.

Three PAYG Mobile Broadband

3-mobile offers many PAYG mobile broadband deals which include 1GB, 3GB or 12 GB of data allowance based on the dongle. The available data should be used within 1, 3 and 12 months and these dongles costs £29.99, £39.99 and £79.99.

Top up for these dongles are available for 1GB at £10, 3GB at £15 and £7GB at £25. All these top ups are valid only for one month. After purchasing the dongle users have to register to the MY3 service to check the data usage and to top up the account. Also 3-mobile offers a PAYG Mi-Fi device at £49.99 which can be used to connect multiple computers to the mobile broadband network. All the dongles offered by 3-mobile are pre-activated for international roaming.

O2 PAYG Mobile Broadband

O2 offers PAYG broadband dongle for £15. All these dongles are eligible for unlimited access to O2’s Wi-Fi hotspots free of cost. However 3G networks can be accessed by topping up the account. O2 top ups are available at £2 per day for 500MB, £7.50 per week for 1GB and £15 per month for 3GB. Once the available balance is used, the customer will be automatically re-directed to My O2 service to top up the account. So it’s important for O2 users to register the dongle number to access the O2 service. O2 also offers a 30 day happiness guarantee under which users can return the dongle if they are not satisfied with the service. O2 PAYG broadband plan does not allow roaming outside UK.

Vodafone PAYG Mobile Broadband

Vodafone PAYG dongles are offered for £30 with a pre-loaded data allowance of 3GB which is worth £15 for the first month alone. This dongle can be used to access the internet at a speed of 3.6Mbps and also it has a 4GB memory card slot where inserting a compatible memory card can make it a storage device. Once the available data is used, the Vodafone PAYG broadband connection will be terminated. Then users might have to top up the account with another £15 top up to regain internet access. Users can register their number to the My Account service of Vodafone to check the available balance and top up the account. Also Vodafone top ups are available in any local Vodafone store. The roaming facility is barred from Vodafone PAYG broadband.

T-Mobile PAYG Mobile Broadband

T-mobile PAYG broadband is known as pay per day mobile broadband. They offer two types of USB sticks all of which offer a download speed of 3.6Mbps at £19.99 and £29.99 respectively. By default the dongles data usage is calculated as £2 per day. But the users can register their dongles to the My T-mobile service and get their plans to be changed. Also they can top up their accounts at £2 per day, £7 per week and £15 per month using the My T-mobile service. However, T-mobile allows only a maximum usage of 2GB per user as per its fair usage policy. T-mobile is one of the very few operators who allow access to the internet even out of UK. But users have to recharge their account with the available Europe boosters before they start off from UK.