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Business broadband prices have come down recently and there is not a huge difference in cost between business and home broadband. Most business broadband packages give higher speeds, better contention ratios and extras like better wireless routers, advanced internet security etc. Have a look at the following offers from major ISPs.

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Sky Broadband Essential and Free Anytime Talk
Get Sky Broadband Essential and Free Anytime Talk for 20pm for 18 months. 19.95 setup fees. Price may change during this period. Contract length: 18 months Speed: 11MB
£20.00 a month
Fast Broadband
Fast Broadband - £24.95 a month for 18 months
£24.95 a Month
Unlimited Business Broadband + UK Anytime Calls
Unlimited Business Broadband + UK Anytime Calls from 21.00 a month. 24 month contract. 0.00 activation fee applies
£21.00 a month
Package Details Speeds
Usage Limit Contract Connection Fee Monthly Cost  

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  • Advantages of Business Broadband

    A specialist business broadband will set you apart from the domestic broadband in a number of ways. Let us see what they are.

    1. The Support Factor:

      As a matter of fact there aren't many business setups in the country that does not use an internet connection. Everybody uses the internet in one way or the other. A business environment is one where work process continues uninterrupted. This inturn happens only when you have uninterrupted services from broadband providers. Again the uninterrupted service should also be complemented with strong customer support. This is exactly why a business broadband is chosen.

      A business broadband offers much greater level of support. Your problems are more often set right within a promised period of time or compensated for the loss. In some cases your problems are fixed by an engineer who operates your PC from a remote place. All these support factors clearly distinguishes your business broadband from that of your domestic.

    2. Keeps you Secured

      The modern concerns over computer hackers and the disastrous virus problems have made it clear that security is more important in the case of internet usage, more so in the case of a business broadband. Usually the protective measures are enhanced in the case of a business package than in the home package. With a business package, one expects the number of users to grow as time pass by. Hence your package is always designed to meet these criteria. On the contrary, a domestic package has limited offerings.

    3. The Bandwidth Criteria and the Download Speed

      'The Fair Use Policy' normally implemented on most of the connections, restricts a heavy user who is at a downloading spree. A business package is normally more generous in the usage and the downloading policies. Also, in a business deal, there are more uploading activities and so the packages also offer faster uploading convenience.

    4. Get away from restrictions

      In a business environment you are more likely to use internet services that you may not as a home user. Working on features like email servers, FTP servers and other web servers are impossible in domestic connections. This is because of two major reasons 1) the ports required by these services are usually blocked by service providers. 2) A user requires one static IP address to run these services. Most business plans provide a static IP address to enhance your broadband usage.

    Enhancing your business using the right broadband

    Taking full advantage of your business package is very important as you pay a handsome amount for it. Here let us have a discussion on how to use your business broadband for growing and supporting your business.

    1. Accessing your office network even when you are offline has become vital these days. By using a VPN - Virtual Private Network, you will be able to connect to information stored in your office networks. This package can allow you to be flexible in your work and also be able to work from home. Business broadband packages give you easy setup for your VPN at your concern.
    2. Backing up your important data is another thing that is very important. Sometimes losing your data can also mean losing your business. Backing up your data in a remote site securely is what makes the business broadband special.
    3. One of the best things in having a network is, it allows you to combine and work on various tasks thus sharing files and making use of purchased products like software, printer, scanner and many other products. This system also allows you to share information and idea thus fixing up a common meeting or combine, track and schedule tasks and so on. The options are endless.

    Some Additional Add-ons on buying a Business Broadband

    1. Usually you are gifted with a router that also supports an inbuilt firewall. However you may use your own equipment that suits your purpose.
    2. A lot of deals come with a certain web space. The free offerings are usually basic and you may need much more space as your business expands.
    3. You get some provision for your email. These can start from being just one email account and upto multiple email accounts.
    4. You might also get few free software, spam management applications etc. While some of these applications are very useful, the others are just offered for making the package look attractive.
    5. Some deals offer to a registered domain name for your company if you do not have one.

    Though a business package has a lot to offer for its customers, a user needs to consider the size of his office and decide the package accordingly.