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Vodafone - Consumer Reviews

We have some reviews written by consumers for making your choice easy. You can also contribute a quick review that would definitely help others by visiting our Broadband Reviews page.

Reviewed by Imogen  on  2012-04-20
Good customer service, recent prices and satisfactory connectivity speeds even during peak hours. Joined them just a couple of months ago and expect better services from them in future too.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Scarlett  on  2012-04-20
Though I have faced several difficult situations with Vodafone, I would say that their services are satisfactory. Their network coverage is also fine except for some remote places where it is hardly possible to receive any phone calls. I would gladly recommend this broadband provider for anyone in UK.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Pam  on  2011-10-20
I personally did not have any trouble with Vodafone. Services were good as well as the speed. The rates too were competitive. Good going vodafone!!
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Elan  on  2011-09-21
I am pretty happy with the service i get from Vodafone, though this may not be the case of many. From among the many user reviews I have read, many were against Vodafone. I agree there are various reasons for each. But, my case is a bit different. I get good signal strength most of the times and never faced a serious issue.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Aiden  on  2011-09-08
The price hike of Vodafone has taken me off!!!! ? I wonder why they demand so much money for the poor service they offer.I had terminated my contract much before and still they are after me. Moreover, horrible customer service....
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Glen  on  2011-08-09
I have tried Vodafone mobile dongle and is pretty disappointed. They connect very slow and the the worst part is that we have to pay a lot of such a worst connection. Recommended by my friends, I have plans to change to 3 now which has a wide coverage.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Kate W  on  2011-07-05
Vodafone is one of the worst mobile companies in the UK. I am just waiting for the contract to run out so that I opt for another. With Vodafone, the connection speed is very poor and variable. The customer service too is very poor. Untrained and rude people!!
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Timmy  on  2011-06-29
I am just an occasional user and I am pretty happy with the speed I get with Vodafone. The speed is also very good when compared to the other providers in my area. My connection has been working perfectly since ever since I started using it. I do recommend it to others.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Celine  on  2011-06-22
Speed and customer service - in both these areas Vodafone excels. A name that can be with out any doubt recommended to others. After using their connection for nearly 3 months now, I am really very happy. Will surely recommend to others, though there are people with other opinions.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Neil Anderson  on  2011-06-14
After using Vodafone broadband for a year now, I must say that I am pretty very happy with the provider, speed of the connectivity, technical support and their prices. I did not have any serious issues till date. There were only a couple of minor issues and all the issues were sorted out quickly. I am happy with the service I get.
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Wilson  on  2011-06-10
I am very happy with the service I got from the Vodafone mobile broadband team. Initially I had some problems. But the customer service team was very helpful. Now things have been sorted out and it is working superb. I have already recommended it to my friends. It gives you all the value for the money you are putting into it.
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Amy  on  2011-06-01
Iâm impressed!!! The 6.5 GB download speeds during off peak hours and the unlimited pay as you go mobile dongle has made my work easy. When compared with the other mobile broadband providers, Vodafone stand ahead.
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Aurora  on  2008-09-14
Now I could be in touch with my friends and colleagues after I have signed up with Vodafone mobile broadband. Reliable, high speed internet services. I would recommend Vodafone to any one.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Jane  on  2008-09-28
Vodafone mobile broadband was easier to use than I expected. I get speeds up to 4.5Mbps which is as comparable to any fixed line broadband connection. Worth recommending.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by john bruce  on  2008-07-20
would not reccomend this dongle to anyone, reason being i cant get any videos from sites such as Youtube ectfor more than 3 seconds before it rebuffers for another 20 seconds to see another 3 seconds . not what i expected from a major company like Vodafone, complaints have fallen upon deaf ears at Vodafones end unfortuneately
Rating: Poor

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