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UK Online is owned by BskyB, and has been at the forefront of the Local Loop unbundling (LLU), providing a high-speed broadband access at market leading prices.

UK Online were the first UK provider to offer speeds of up to 8Mb for home users with coverage to UK homes and small businesses of over 50%.

UK Online offer home broadband packages, with unlimited usage and maxium speed up to 22MB to suit everyone ’s needs - whether home users or businesses.

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UK Online - Consumer Reviews

We have some reviews written by consumers for making your choice easy. You can also contribute a quick review that would definitely help others by visiting our Broadband Reviews page.

Reviewed by Jones  on  2008-09-22
Excellent customer service and reliable speeds. UK Online did not dissappoint me though I had to pay for their router which is indeed good. Their professional service worth your money and I can recommend UK Online broadband to any of my friends.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Eric  on  2008-09-08
I switched to UK Online a year ago and I chose Premier package as I require high speed broadband services with unlimited downloads. Their netgear wireless router works well and I have not had any problems since the first day. Customer support is impeccable.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Richard  on  2008-06-03
Reliable connection speeds and unlimited usage allowance help my web surfing simpler and more enjoyable. Outstanding customer support. Simple to setup and netgear wireless router helped to connect me wirelessly anywhere from my home.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Wilson  on  2008-05-18
I'm happy with UK Online service and reliable connection. Speeds are amazing and I get lightning speeds on most occasions.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Nick  on  2008-06-09
I get speeds up to 12 Mbps with UK Online ADSL 2+ package. Excellent service and I did not have a problem since the first day. Their Netgear wireless router gives matchless performance. I would recommend UK online to anyone.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Sassie  on  2008-04-12
I did not know any broadband jargon when I signed up with UK Online. Their customer support is really good so I did not have a feel of it. Everything goes fine with my connection so I will highly recommend UK Online.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Brian  on  2008-04-07
I am happy with the service quality of UK Online. Reliable connection speeds and excellent UK based customer support. The staff is quite helpful and the service is prompt. One of the outstanding ISPs in the UK and highly recommendable.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by John  on  2008-04-04
Absolutely fantastic service! Their UK based customer support is really helpful. They dont provide free wireless router, however, it is a reliable service so you can go for it.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Peter Fismer  on  2008-03-23
UK Online customer support is exttremely good. I signed up to their premium package last year. Excellent service and reliable speeds. Only thing I had to pay for the netgear router which provides excellent wireless networking. I would recommend UK Online to anyone without hesitation.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Chris H  on  2007-12-04
Excellent provider. Broadband connection rock solid. If you are looking for the Rolls Royce of ISPs this is it. If you are looking for additional services look elsewhere. Not the cheapest but for quality of connection and service excellent.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by jemma  on  2007-11-08
Well, nothing to say anything good about the UK online. Client communication is too poor. Reluctant to speak to the technical support executives as there was no response except the apologies from them. Better opt anything except this!
Rating: Average

Reviewed by melanie coady  on  2007-11-02
For the past two years I'm using this service and very much satisfied with their service. Good to use!
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Kate  on  2007-10-30
I took a 1MB connection from UK Online. The starting itself was a problem. Got the modem only after 50 days of applying for it. They charged service charges for 2 months, though I was not using their service at all! Now, the speed is only 95kb, when compared to the 1MB that I have subscribed for! Not happy with them at all.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Brian  on  2007-11-12
I recently took this connection, and so far I have no problem with it. The speed is also satisfactory and the download speed is also good. Never needed to contact the customer service, so do not know how the team responds to queries and complaints!
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Chris  on  2007-11-20
Pros: Customer service is quite good and the queries are attended to and passed to the technical division quite fast. Cons: The accent is a bit difficult to understand; probably they have their customer service somewhere in the Irish areas. Also the technical service section needs more trained people. I have logged my complaint of not being able to make foreign calls, 2 weeks back, still no proper solution to it.
Rating: Good

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