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Reviewed by Charles Hudson  on  2009-05-03
free line rental,free phone calls 24/7,broadband,average £22 monthly,whats not to like?
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Geoff  on  2009-02-26
I have been with Tiscali for 4 years. Everything was ok until I moved house 4 months ago. Dont bother to contact their Customer Services department, I dont think they are there very often! I was on a phone, anytime calls and broadband previously, now Im only on broadband as BT had to install a phone line and Im tied into them for 12 months, but, I am still being charged for Broadband and anytime calls, despite phone calls to people whose accents I cant understand, and Emails, and letters. I am awaiting a reply to my last letter sent nearly 2 weeks ago, but I have to say how disappointed I am at being unable to get this problem sorted out after 4 months of continually trying.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Alex  on  2009-01-30
They are not bad despite what people say, especially if you live near the exchange (I do). During peak times (6pm-10pm) it does get a little slow, but its still usable. When you are not in peak time I get 6MB speed when paying for 8MB so its not all that bad. Have not had to encounter tech support yet, and hopefully never will.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Tery  on  2008-12-09
Broadband no problem,telephone still not sorted after 5months.Spent pounds on phone calls to Indonisia,still not sorted.Getting mac to go to another company.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Terry Warrington  on  2008-12-08
Stay clear, nothing but trouble.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Don Woolnough  on  2008-10-26
Everyting OK until I tried to upgrade. A complete mess up from then on. Phone calls got no where. Passed from pillar to post and never received any action on my problems. Left them 6 months ago and still receiving bills for line rental they did not provide.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Andrea  on  2008-09-01
Do not touch Tiscali. Customer service, broad band connection speed all virtually non-existant - Terrible!
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by gerry  on  2008-07-08
four of us signed up for the 19.99 package with free line rental,there customer service I would have given less than 0,very bad service,phone calls terrible free line rental none left them, now with BT phone, pipex broadband, horrified it is now Tiscali.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Ben  on  2008-07-02
Well we have been with Tiscali for a few years now and all was fine no major problems until the last 3 months. Now everynight without fail we have connection issues were we just lose it full stop and everynow and then we get some slow speeds. Calls well into double figures and now we have given up trying to get it sorted. Stay well clear of this ISP.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Neil C  on  2008-06-24
No connection since 4 April 2008. Heaps of money spent on fruitless phone calls. Have now asked for MAC code. I've had enough rubbish service.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Neil Cunliffe  on  2008-06-19
After initial problems start up, now have had no broarband for 10 weeks have spent a fortune contacting Tech support with no joy. There stock phrase is the are passing you to a higher level of Tech Support who would phone back in 24/48 hours but they don't, more like a week later after several more calls to the support people. Have now had enough and ask for a MAC code.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Hick  on  2008-05-30
Over-all, I am happy with Tiscali. Their option 1 package saved me a lot. free wireless router and free calls. Excellent money saver.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Grieg  on  2008-05-21
Things have been bad for the one month. My modem stopped working. When I contacted their customer support, they could not fix up the problem. Then I had to buy a new modem. Speeds are unreliable at times.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Ben  on  2008-05-12
I have been with Tiscal for two years. Nothing much to complain. Prompt customer service and reliable connectivity. Ideal for homeusers who are on budget.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Amy  on  2008-05-03
Tiscali offers much cheaper service than other ISPs. You also get free wireless router and free weekend calls. Reliable speeds. Highly recommendable ISP.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by jd  on  2008-06-04
I took out a complete TV Phone & Wireless Package with Tiscali + Box which looked good value. Problems with initial installation took 3 weeks to get working .Worked OK for 3 months and I have now had no internet or TV Service for 8 weeks I have phoned on numerous occasions to be told someone would phone back 24/48 hours so far only 1 call returned still not fixed problem. Good Package but abysmal customer and technical service. Definitely not recommended if you need a reliable service
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by ATMcNeil  on  2008-05-12
Well the wheels finally came off on the 1st May when the 5.3 meg broadband dissappeared for 8 days and reappered as a 1 meg. Unfortunately when it did reappear the phone service disappeared.That was 5 days ago still no phone still 1 meg broadband. Lots of phone calls to call cetres (Tiscali help Hah!.. they talk the talk but don`t walk the walk.Give them a miss who needs it.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Ryan  on  2008-04-28
At first our modem worked perfectly, and was a very quick service, but lately it has taken more and more time to load up, and even fails to work, do not use this service provider!!
Rating: Average

Reviewed by George  on  2008-04-01
It is no doubt that Tiscali service is degrading in recent months. It is appalling to see that speeds slow down to test your patience. The customer support is also going down from bad to worse.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by sreeni  on  2008-03-29
Tiscali broadband provide 8MB broadband for £6.49 with free uk and international phone calls. Free wireless router and free setup. Option 2 now comes with free wireless router for limited period only.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Han  on  2008-03-13
Tiscali speeds are quite satisfactory. Though not promising speeds to close to their advertised speeds, however, I get reliable speeds during peak hours. I am not so happy with their customer service and in this regard, Tiscali needs to improve. Otherwise, I can give 3 stars to Tiscali.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by charles  on  2008-03-08
very cheap providers - because very cheap customer services
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by rk  on  2008-01-31
I can't believe the government is still allowing this scam called Trashcali. This ISP must be stopped before they give more grief to their victims. Never ever touch them even with a barge pole.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Robert Nicks  on  2007-12-24
Extemely poor contact facilities. No response on line, wait for ever on the phone - even to pay a bill!!! Speed less than half the 7 promised
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by JL  on  2007-09-19
Tiscali are getting worse, I have been for the last 200 days on a 2Mb line whilst paying for 8Mb line. Trying to get my money is also hard work, almost at the court stage. They don't see anything wrong, but then most of there support guys don't speak English.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Dave Garrood  on  2007-07-13
The worst ISP I can imagine. So far it has taken them 18 months to resolve my billing problems and then to top it all they reduced my bandwidth. Very poor service, refuse to cancel till I've got my money back. Customer service is non-existant.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Vic  on  2007-07-05
I have been with tiscali for 3 years and I have to say that for the last 2 months their servis is absolute rubbish. There is no customer service at all - the gentlemen in Bombai are just having some chat with you making huge promises and that's all. I've been promised a few times that within 24 hours something will happen, but till now I do not have any connection and this is the 6th day since I had some broadband delivered by this company. Please do not join them as you will become a victim of absolutely rude and uncompetent people!!! I do not know what's hapenned with this company but it used to be a first class provider.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by L Davy  on  2007-03-16
Tiscali started promisingly enough and I rarely had a problem, but in the last two months I have been getting major problems connecting, the helplines are unhelpful and each day I do not know if I will be able to connect or not, I am thinking seriously about changing provider!!!!!
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Peter  on  2007-02-12
I am thoroughly hacked off with Tiscali. Over the last few months their connection keeps on going down - yesterday it wasn't operating all evening. I have tried their customer service but the description probably contravenes the Trades Description Act even if one can make contact. On one occasion when my connection was down the recorded message advised me to call back because they were busy. Language can be a problem.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Herberts Windsor  on  2007-01-12
Iam having Tiscali for the past 4 years. It is cheaper. When there was a problem in the speed, a speed boost was provided and the sites opened quickly. Free Modem, free connection and unlimited downloads are useful. Customer services are not up to the mark.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Nina Simon  on  2007-01-17
I have been using the Tiscali connection for the past 1 year. I was not aware of that only if you had a BT contract Tiscali will be able to get the currrent offers, free weekend calls Broadband for £9.99 3 months then £12.99. Otherwise their internet services are good.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Frasier Morgans  on  2007-01-11
I have switched over to Tiscali and yet I could use the old ADSL compatible hardware with Tiscali connection. Evening speed is near to other ISPs. It is somewhat cheaper than other popular broadband connections. Their Pay As you Go package is good and works well.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Dorianne Camilleri  on  2006-11-25
There had been a drastic decline in their service for the past two months. Every time I want to use it, I will have to reinstall it even after which it will be slower than the dial-up. The off-shore help-desk that they have, are very reluctant to help us. They say that the local and national calls are free yet I had to pay for the call I made to the call centre. The speed is utterly slow and have a rubbish technical support. The only reason why I switched from my previous ISP (BT) to tiscali was for the only reason it was considerably cheap but all that I am left out with is a lot of mental stress. I won't recommend tiscali to anyone whom I really care about.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Danielle  on  2006-11-22
I had an awful experience with tiscali. Their customer service is simply horrible. I had problems with tiscali from the day one of its installation. Whenever a complaint is launched, they blame the BT modem that I have, which I know is in perfect working condition. Now that I want to change the ISP, they are delaying as much as possible in providing me with the MAC code. All that I would like to say is " stay away from tiscali".
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Jayawardene  on  2006-11-14
I chose tiscali on my brother’s recommendation. I have been using tiscali for the past 2 years. There were no disconnection problems or anything wrong with the speed until this September but things are turning out to be worse after that. I get disconnected very randomly. When I called up them, I was put on a long wait of about half an hour after which I received the statement "We are helpless". I have a son who is a quite a heavy downloader. So far there is no problem in downloading also. The speed reduces occasionally so I disconnect and get it connected immediately after which there will be no problem.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Peter  on  2006-11-01
I have been using Tiscali for a couple of months. I am amazed with the speed and reliable connection that keeps me always online. I find Tiscali cheaper than my former ISP provider. They can offer the fastest speed that is three times faster than your average dial up modem at the cheapest cost. I haven't called for customer service assistance so far and I hope I don't have to.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Zeshan Zafar  on  2006-11-06
I was searching for a good broadband connection and my sister recommended Tiscali broadband. It is cheap and I am able to experience a reliable connection speed. When I planned to move my place, I called up the customer care thrice and at last I was shocked to receive a huge amount as a moving fee. If you can ignore their poor customer service, you will be satisfied with their other services.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Tracy  on  2007-11-20
Before a week I had some problem with my modem and spoken to their customer service executive for about 10 minutes. Good response and they sent one technical person a day next and almost my problem with the modem got rectified. Thanks to their responsible service.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by beth  on  2007-10-27
Hey, Please I suggest you not to go with Tiscali, because yesterday evening I was not connected at all, I tried many times with the customer support to sort out my problem. But the line got disconnected and I was fed up with the service. Cannot recommend!
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Paul  on  2007-11-19
I am not happy with Tiscali's connection at all. I ha to wait for nearly 3 weeks to get my broadband connection reconnected. I do not own a landline, and I had to call their customer service from my mobile and the call charges came up to £18. Also the representatives said they will call me back but no one did. I had to literally run behind them and at last got it reconnected. Very poor service
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Michal  on  2007-10-29
Tiscali's service is ok. I have their connection for the past 3 months. So far it is ok. Just that the connection has to be reset quite often. Otherwise it is ok. When connection is there, the speed is good.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Walter  on  2007-10-09
I have their Tiscali Max + Talk 2 option. It was all fine for about 2 weeks, but now it is very slow. The connection also has to be reset quite often. Have to contact customer service. Don't know how they are going to react to complaints!
Rating: Average

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