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About Tesco Broadband

Tesco is a world leading market retailer of a number of products that we use in our daily lives. The company is also focussed in providing a wide choice of telecom products and services. Whether you are purchasing a mobile phone or a broadband provider or simply an accessory, Tesco has it all for you. Here let us focus on few popular packages offered by Tesco.


Evening and Weekend Plan

This plan offers upto 20Mb broadband speed with three months free subscription. With no setup fees, a customer gets 1 clubcard point for every 1.00£ he spends. Other salient features are unlimited downloads and friendly UK-based call centre for technical help along with an 18-month contract period. Inclusive landline calls to be offered. The total monthly bill for this plan is £19.40.


Tesco Broadband with Inclusive Anytime Calls

With upto 20 Mb broadband speed, unlimited downloads and 3 months of free usage, this plan demands no setup charges. A customer gets 1 clubcard point for every £1.00 he spends. This 18-month contract offers a friendly UK based call centre. The total monthly charge for this plan is £23.40.

Tesco's broadband plans are constantly being improved in order to suit the needs of every individual.

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Tesco Broadband - Consumer Reviews

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