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TalkTalk is the consumer telephone branch of the Carphone Warehouse. Since introducing its landline service in late 2002, the brand has expanded to cover much of the European mainland, and the success of the enterprise led to the birth of TalkTalk Broadband in early 2006.

TalkTalk is one of the UK ISPs who offer FREE broadband with their international call plans. With 14Mb broadband and a monthly usage allowance of 40GB, the packages do not lack anything as far as broadband is concerned. You need to check the call plans which offer voice services to 36 international destinations before you sign up to TalkTalk call plans with free broadband.

The total cost of these package is quite lower than the majority of the packages offered by other ISPs, so choosing broadband through TalkTalk seems like an excellent way to get online.


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Fibre 150 No 0Mb Yes      
Fibre 150 TV No 0Mb Yes      
Fibre 35 No 0Mb Yes      
Fibre 35 TV No 0Mb Yes      
Fibre 65 No 0Mb Yes      
Fibre 65 TV No 0Mb Yes      
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TalkTalk - Consumer Reviews

We have some reviews written by consumers for making your choice easy. You can also contribute a quick review that would definitely help others by visiting our Broadband Reviews page.

Reviewed by Russell  on  2014-03-07
Talk Talk , always there when needed, never have a break in connection of the broadband, great telephone service and a very great and affordable price. I am with TalkTalk for many years not even switched to any other broadband and never got a single compliant with them.I will recommend TalkTalk to anyone.Great job Talktalk!!!
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Benny  on  2012-04-12
For five years have been with TalkTalk and found no down times or such problems. Except for couple of days last week but is now fixed.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Henry  on  2013-04-12
Call centre in UK gives good support to customers. Migrating from the other supplier has been beneficial and saves money.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Harry  on  2011-10-20
I read a lot of negative comments here which are true to an extend. After being with them for quite some time, I will never claim that they are excellent, but they are good. They too have their negatives, then again who is perfect here.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Ryan  on  2011-09-15
Thanks all for the comments given on TalkTalk. This has helped me a lot in making up my mind not to go with TalkTalk. I am still researching which is the best provider...any body please help.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Andy  on  2014-01-31
TalkTalk has one of the cheapest tariffs. But what is the use of offering cheap rates and poor quality and service. I am just waiting to get my contact over with them so that I can shift to a reliable provider who provides better speed and service.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Ruth  on  2011-08-22
Its TalkTalk everywhere now, and that too not so good news. Yes, they have proved once again that they are the worst providers with Ofcom fining them for falsely billing their customers. What more worse things need to happen to TalkTalk. Friends, be careful with TalkTalk. They are really worse. Worst service and even worse connectivity.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Danny  on  2011-08-03
Though the service provided by TalkTalk cannot be described as excellent, I will surely mention that they are not too bad. Each have their own versions. I had problems with the provider on speed as well as their customer service which is not very satisfying, but still I will rate them 'good', coz which other is better!!My issues were sorted out and I am quite happy now.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Harry P  on  2011-07-07
TalkTalk is one of the worst provider to go with. I have never seen such an irresponsible provider who cares nothing for their customer. If you call them for an issue they will transfer your call to every member of their team and you will end up explaining the reason to all, wasting your time and energy. It is better that I pay some more pounds and go with any other reliable provider.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Nataliya  on  2011-06-30
I advise not to go near TalkTalk. This is such a horrible provider. The customer service too is worse. If we give them a complain call, they keep us waiting for a long time usually I hang up the phone irritated. They always give you false promises of reverting back through phone, but never do so.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by John M  on  2011-06-16
I wonder why people are so against TalkTalk. After being with them for enarly 2 years now, I will surly recommend their name to others....I did not have any bad experience till date.. I am very happy with the service I get.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Jim  on  2011-06-13
Please avoid TalkTalk!! I recently shifted to TalkTalk. Initially things were going on smooth. But after that I started facing problems with the internet connection. There is no worse customer service centre I must say. They promise to call you back, but in vain or sometimes will have to be on hold for nearly 20 minutes to talk to the right person. I just have one request to all friend who read thisâ¦please donât be fooled by the tempting ads given by TalkTalk.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Robert  on  2011-06-09
I have read a lot of negative reviews here and I donât understand why people are so against TalkTalk. I have been with them for nearly more than 8 years and I have not had any problem with them. Recently, my friend too signed up for TalkTalk. The sales team as well as the person who came to set up the connection was very good. Enjoyed the time we spend with them.
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Peter D  on  2011-06-02
TalkTalk is one of the worst providers that I have come across. Frequent disconnection of the broadband connection is the main issue and customer service is even terrible. All who are reading this please note that they have been notified several times by Ofsted and they on a regular basis come on Watchdog.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Mario L  on  2011-06-01
For a home user like me, TalkTalk is an affordable connection. The speed is somewhat agreeable and provides me a download limit of 40MB which is rather acceptable. It is true that while playing on-line games, the speed of the connection is going down and I canât enjoy it completely. when Iâm getting 2MB, my friend who is BT customer is enjoying nearly 7Mb but, I have to remember that my connection is a limited one and TalkTalk is charging me so fair, only for what Iâm using.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Cathy H  on  2011-05-25
With TalkTalk, I am enjoying a download limit of 40MB and the charges are also fair. The only problem is with on-line gaming. When BT offers 6-7Mb, TalkTalk is providing 2MB in the locality. I have send requests for better speed and no improvements yet. If I got it solved, Iâll be happy.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by bryan  on  2009-10-26
Been with them 9 years since they started their phone service my second contract of broadband has been hell from day1 constant disconnection phone line going dead for several hours and they are unable to sort it. Very poor customer service and technical support. Their speed is the poorest in my area according to top 10 broadband speed tests. I am going to the ombudsman Otelo to get them to let me leave which they are point blank refusing to do. Still my contract runs out soon
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by george  on  2009-05-04
Bad customer service, poor technical support and the connection fails whenever it feels like... the worst ISP I have ever had
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by A hickie  on  2009-04-17
I cannot understand why talktalk gets so many bad reviews. I have been with talktalk for over 2 years and find the service outstanding. I have no trouble getting in contact with customer services and all the help lines are free. My broadband is excellent I get up to 6 mgs, however I am near the exchange. The international rates on my plan are free, and I have no trouble with the phone line, except on one occasion when there was a fault on the line and talktalk transferred all calls to my o2 mobile for free until the bt line was fixed. This is the cheapest provider by far and I can only speak of my own experience. I would not go back to BT because I have saved a small fortune on calls. Perhaps I am lucky because my exchange is up to date, but some are just being updated. It is a matter of patience but for my part I am delighted.
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Adam Stenner  on  2009-01-15
If you want free phone calls choose talk talk ... but if you need anything faster than 500ps broadband dont bother! I have rang technical help 5 times, last 2 apparently to a 2nd line tech support number all involved 20 mins on hold before the same set of checks. All technicians admitted (from speed test) it was ridiculously slow and all promised they would improve it. NONE DID!! Last straw was a promise someone would ring me sometime in next 24 hrs. If you can sit by a phone for 24 hrs on the offchance that a 6th person will remember to ring you and look into your problem when 5 others passed you on then, and only then, this provider is the one for you. TIP: Invest in a VERY comfortable chair if you choose talk talk broadband!!!
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by reg danjiel  on  2009-01-12
t/t broadband has never worked properly since installing it. it has a habit of going off-line whenever it feels like, then assist + go jumps in and messes everything up completely. as soon as i can, i will swap to another isp.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by malcolm storey  on  2008-12-08
Thinking of talktalk? Dont! lousy service,low speeds, bad equipment, support poor and it will cost between £70 to £135 to get back to another ISP and you may even lose your phone number! should you have the cheek to complain your could lose your connection for up to 3 days
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Danny M  on  2008-11-19
The most Pathetic excuse of an ISP ever! 3 weeks without Internet AND Phone line I get 2mb speeds when the exchange box is 5 minutes away from my house I can stay connected for roughly 3 - 5 minutes and then get disconnected. 4 hours spent on customer services just to get passed around departments then hung up on! Dont ever even consider talktalk. They should save you the hassle and change their slogan to TalkTalk, You want internet? Go somewhere else!
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Sri  on  2008-10-30
I have been a customer with Talk Talk for 18 months, just counting every minute to run as far as possible from them when my contract ends. I have had a broadband service worse than a dial up,and everytime I phone them - they ask me to move my router to the main BT point, change my adsl filters. Do a test of line - change some settings and then ask me to phone back after a week to see if things have stabilised.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Olga Lockley  on  2008-09-19
After being with TalkTalk for 4 months I have never had everything working properly at the same time - phone line, broadband connection, email, access to my online statement. Every week they say they do not recognize my email address or password.I cannot access my online statement as they say I do not exist (except when drawing my D/D! They have changed my password so many times that I have lost track of what it is and when I try to re-instate it the relevant page is not working. If I switch off the computer at the wall (thundery weather etc) it refuses to recognize me when I switch it back on. TT has totally ruined my quality of life for the past 4 months.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by graham aspinall  on  2008-09-01
hopeless ! I have had no business broadband for 2 weeks and they dont want to know. no one will deal with your complaint and promises that managers will ring you back dont happen
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by P.Langridge  on  2008-08-18
TalkTalk are without question the worst broadband provider I have experienced. Their staff are poorly trained, no understanding of customer relations. In many cases I found staff to be rude and unable to deal with an upset customer. I have been without my broadband service for four days now with a promise to have it up and running withing 24-48 hours. If you rely on the internet for work as I do, do not even consider TalkTalk, it will be the biggest mistake of your life. The cheaper price for using the service is not worth the cost of not having a decent ISP.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Eric  on  2008-05-31
I switched to TalkTalk six months ago. So far, the service has been good. Customer service is outstanding. Reliable speeds and money-saving TalkTalk call plans.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by George  on  2008-05-20
Our family share TalkTalk broadband and we are happy with their service. Their international call plans helped us to save a lot of money.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Evan  on  2008-05-11
TalkTalk call plans with broadband have been good till date. I could save money using their international call tariff and their broadband speeds are amazing.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Michelle  on  2008-05-02
When I contacted TalkTalk customer support, they do not understand anything about my problem. Unreliable speeds and occasional disconnection problems crop up. I wont recommend TalkTalk to anyone.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Brian Austin  on  2008-04-23
Recently joined Talktalk, but qickly relised that this is NOT a very good service, it's no use having cheaper rates if you cannot provide the service. Slow Speeds, poor customer service, HOURS on the phone, problems not solved, advisers who cannot speak english very good. Have now cancelled within 30 day peroid. Very Poor !!
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Wilson  on  2008-04-05
I am happy with TalkTalk service and their prices but not so with their customer support. Another problem is sometimes I get disconnection problems, otherwise it is not bad.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Lesley Leeding  on  2008-02-06
I have come to this website because I am so fed up with Talktalk. My current broadband speed is only 512. It started off at 6 a year ago and the connection has just deteriorated even though my equipment has stayed the same. I spent 3 hours on the phone on Sat. morning and waited 45 minutes for customer service on Sat. evening without any success.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by RAA3  on  2007-11-21
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Nigel A. Gunn  on  2007-11-15
Excellent value and easy and prompt set up BUT... if it ever goes wrong, contacting Talk Talk and getting anybody to fix it is absolute murder. Many of their customer service reps speak in a dialect/accent that I have difficulty understanding, in the main they assume that the customer is an idiot and seem unable to call BT to fix cable faults.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Dave Garrood  on  2007-07-13
The worst ISP I can imagine. So far it has taken them 18 months to resolve my billing problems and then to top it all they reduced my bandwidth. Very poor service, refuse to cancel till I've got my money back. Customer service is non-existant.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by the Doc  on  2007-07-09
Actually minus 5 stars would be better. Ordered full service promised 7th July then 9 th July now being told no date possible. Having cancelled my current provider talktalk have left me with no service. South African call centre who have no idea what they are doing. Hanging on the phone on 0870 number for hours trying to rsolve the issue. Totally useless company who then hang up when you try to discuss the problem with them.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Jqle  on  2007-04-28
Staff try to be helpful and when it works its great. My phone line was switched smoothly. BUT the day I should have gone 'live' everything went dead. Used a neighbour's phone (who luckily was Talk Talk because otherwise it would have been premium rate) to report fault. Gave up after 40 mins without getting through to the right people (would have taken about another 40 mins they said). Returned to BT. BUT - may well try them again when they have sorted out their problems.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by sakina  on  2007-04-25
hardly any connection on broadband and I live in NW6 of london. Rubbish customer service. Excessive bills. The adverts are very enticing. Have to be very assertive to talk to them or they push you into more cost. Don't be trapped. They were in breach of contract. I pulled out but with a fight. Had some refund from the top CEO.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by COLIN GREEN  on  2007-02-23
WOULD NOT BOTHER. Customer service is non existent. I have been trying to communicate with them for months phon calls are promised and are never returned. I have written to the boss outlining the issues and still have not had a response. I signed up in August last year and still have not got broadband I now do not want it with them now and have told them but they wont reply .LOOK ELSWWHERE
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Niel Ferrari  on  2007-01-12
Talk talk is not satisfatory for me. Once I made a complaint with them and I have not received technical support immediately. Speed is low and there is frequent problem with the net connectivity.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Clara Jones  on  2007-01-11
Even though people say that they have problem with Talk Talk, I have received good service from them. I have used their installation CD and the connection is working perfectly for the past 10 months. Customer service is answering and attending to my telephone calls.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Viola Lazer  on  2007-01-17
I have been using Talk Talk for the past 2 years I have switched over from plan 1 to plan 3 in the last year. Initially I had some problems and I have telephoned to their customr service. Customer service responded only after great effort. Finally the problems were rectified and it is working well now. It is preferable to go for online biling.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by william  on  2006-12-11
Great package if you don't use the Broadband! 2 modems sent that did not work before a 3rd finally arrived that did. It takes a very long time to get throught to customer service and you can wait for 40 - 50 minutes and then get cut off all at your expense. Broadband does not work on a regular basis and going to some sites is near impossible. As for speed, it is almost as slow as analogue! It is the worst broadband I have ever had and the worst service. Until they sort out their problems, go elsewhere. I am going to.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Renata  on  2006-11-25
I have been with talk talk even from the day they started. It was much cheaper than BT. But it often gets disconnected regularly. Downloading from p2p/torrents was simply not possible. And when I called up the customer service, there isn’t any responsible answer. They promise to call back which they consistently fail to do. In order to get connected I will have to wait for ages. If there is one good reason you want to avoid talk talk then its just the customer service which is abysmal.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Paul  on  2006-11-22
When the connection works TalkTalk is very good for the money. But woebetide you if something goes wrong - customer services that do not answer the phone and technical support from a bad line in Johannesberg. My line was 'upgraded' last month. Since then I have been without, for varying times, a landline and currently have no broadband. I wish I had never signed up to TalkTalk. Avoid like the plague.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Franklin  on  2006-11-22
My experience with talk talk was bitter. They gave me the connection much before schedule but now being fed up with their performance, I want to disconnect which they refuse even to hear to. I would have called them for around 20 times requesting for the MAC code. I have been promised to be given many times but each time they come up with a colorful excuse. I have never felt so terrible with any other org. Charles Dunston, pl try something effective or jus stick on to your telephone service.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by GuitarGeek  on  2006-11-14
I switched from BT to talk talk recently. I find its work is satisfying. The combined package of telephone and broadband seems to be very economical. I feel that it is a good value for money. With upgrading downloading has become easier. The connections were done much before schedule. It is easy to signup with. One fully satisfied customer here. I strongly recommend talk talk to any of you.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by David  on  2006-11-09
Talk Talk offer a free broadband package when you take out a phone calls deal with them. Good value for money and I am happy with their broadband so far. Bit of a shame that their customer service can be a bit slow sometimes.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Paul J King  on  2006-10-22
Ok, it might be fine while it works, and on paper it is a good product but if anything goes wrong you will develop a Thunderclap Newman Phobia (something in the air) as during the hour or so you will be on hold only not to have your problem resolved, you will be subject to repeated plays of this most annoying song. My advice gives Talk Talk a wide berth until they really have sorted out all their problems, especially around Customer Service.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Dom Adams  on  2006-11-09
With Talk Talk Broadband, I have the option to choose the deal I want. I chose 2 Meg connection speed first and that was adequate for basic internet usage and I upgraded it for faster connection that is useful for internet games, downloading video clips and my favourite music. They provide convenient packages that are cheaper with high quality performance.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Ashley  on  2006-10-27
I have been using Talk Talk broadband connections for 3 years and I find communication so comfortable and easy. I am able to save money, since I have chosen a package combining telephone and internet charges. I am benefited with unlimited downloads, free modem and free connection. I can never move on to any other broadband supplier.
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Mathew  on  2007-10-20
Advantages: Free Broadband service and I pay only for phone calls and line rental. Disadvantages: Very slow in the weekends and rarely evenings. Speed – not much satisfied. Overall, Rubbish!
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by mark  on  2007-11-04
I found that TalkTalk offers cheap price service that offers free international calls abroad. But the service is not much good as I expected, sometimes make me hectic and annoying. Overall, a good one for me in the case of international calls. If the contract ends, I will check further to move to BT.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Lisa  on  2007-11-23
I am a software engineer for the past 8 years and have used many broadband suppliers. Of all I have come across, I feel Be There understands customers much more than the others. Good post - sales help and speed is also good. There’s something wrong at times with the connectivity, but that’s fine when you get good customer service.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Matthew  on  2007-10-09
I have not had much problems with BT. I have been using it for about 6 months now and am happy with it. I use my internet to download games, check my mails etc. so not much problem so far.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Deb  on  2007-10-17
Pros: very good connectivity, great speed, wonderful broadband Cons: None that I can think of
Rating: Good

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